ASIO raids: Who cares, they’re only after the towelheads
Wednesday June 29th 2005, 4:01 pm



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4:42am – Anytown, Australia – your front door

knock  knock  knock  knock  knock  knock BAM BAM BAM

"mmph. Who is it? Who’s there?"

"ASIO. We’re coming in to search your house, mate."

"What? Have you got a warrant?"

"ASIO doesn’t need a warrant. Open the door- now."

"Now hold on just one minute. I’m calling my lawyer."

"No, mate. Terrorism law says you can’t talk to a lawyer."

"TERRORISM LAW! What the bloody hell are you on about?!"

"We have information you’re planning to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge."

"STREWTH, mate! What for? As if peak hour traffic isn’t bloody bad enough! I’m not planning to blow anything up and I don’t know anyone who would, either!"

"That’s what all ya terrorist bastards say. We know what you’re up to. We know all about it and you better tell us everything."

 "Flamin hell! I have no idea who’d blow up the bloody bridge! How can I tell you something I don’t know? Who the hell d’yer think I am, Schapelle Corby?"

"Right, mate, out of the way, we’re coming in."


"Bloody oath, I’m callin’ Channel Seven, I am, mate!"

"Ya do and you’ll be sharing a cell with Milat. Non-cooperation and exposing an ASIO operation will get ya 5 years."


"Okay, mate, you’re coming with us."

"Well hang on, let me call me mum to watch the bubs."

"NO PHONE CALLS. You won’t be talking to anyone for a few days."

"Well, come on, kids, get your teddies, we’re going to prison!" 

"DOCS will take your children into care."

"OH NO!!"

clickkkk clickkkkk drag drag drag drag drag scuff drag drag step up the back of the van, willya mate drag scuff scuff mind ya head mate SLAM click

"Bloody Harbour Bridge!! I couldn’t give a stuff…. but I might be persuaded to do something about them bloody tollgates, though…"


Just like that- you’re disappeared. No information of just cause to search, no right to have legal counsel present during questioning, no right to contact your family to assure them you’ve not just been Falconio’ed. Under the 2002 terrorism laws, this scenario is entirely legal.

Australia has absolutely no room to criticise China on human rights with laws like this.

At least Australia is a relatively wealthy country compared to PRC. Perhaps ASIO won’t send your family a bill for the bullet used to execute you after a secret trial.


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Frightening stuff – wonder how easily one could be implicated in something like this? Ask David Gundy.

By the way, speaking of disappearances, where’d the pot article go?

Comment by Flashman 06.29.05 @ 7:05 pm

All posts present and accounted for, Flash.

Could you be looking at an individual post instead of the entire front page of mgk? When you’re commenting, you only see the post you’re commenting upon.

Comment by weezil 06.29.05 @ 7:14 pm

You think that is frightening, then consider this:

The level of computerization in Australia far exceeds anything Orwell could have dreamed up, and the ability to link data between the various gov departments is by far better than most countries in the world (USA included).

Most Australians are unaware of this and with the slow but persistent erosion in civil liberties (under various guises such as security) you all will wake up in your own version of 1984.

The USA with the Patriot ACT at least has a “Bill of Rights” where Australia does not.


Comment by Dave 06.29.05 @ 9:06 pm

The “Bill of Rights”
A.G. Gonzales refered same as Quaint! or was it Cute? It was one. The other was “The Geneva Convention”

Rights are only as strong as those defending them.

The whole thing Freaks me out and makes me mad.

The Defense Dept in the U.S. is now creating a database of High School students. For recruiters. Info includes. Grades, Race, Family income, attendance, and more…

Comment by foxman 06.30.05 @ 9:22 am

A bill of rights is definitely something Australians need, particularly in light of the new powers that ASIO now have.

The war on a noun continues.

Comment by Guy 06.30.05 @ 9:41 am

All posts present and accounted for, Flash.

Okay, these are the ones I see at :

* ASIO raids: Who cares, they’re only after the towelheads
* Americans in Australia: Get Over Your Cheap Selves
* Kay Danes sets up Corby website
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This is the same as what’s appearing in your ‘Recent Posts’ column.

Colour me stumped, I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried it on two different computers, same result.

Comment by Flashman 06.30.05 @ 10:52 am

Flash, you’re right- the post “Dope Smokers Link UN To Terrorism” is not appearing in the ‘recent posts’ listing.

However, the post itself does appear when you load – scroll down, you’ll see it.

To remedy the problem, I opened the post for editing and saved it again. Now it appears in the ‘recent posts’ list.


Thanks for the heads up 🙂


Comment by weezil 06.30.05 @ 10:58 am

A bill of rights is definitely something Australians need, particularly in light of the new powers that ASIO now have.“:

Australia needs both a Bill of Rights and the repeal of the ASIO Act (which would contravene any decent BoR in any case). And when I say that the ASIO Act needs to be repealed I mean the Act as implemented in 1976 – not just the recent amendments.

Comment by Peter F Bradshaw 06.30.05 @ 4:17 pm

I would like to have more faith in the ‘I’ part of ASIO. MGK wasn’t in this country when they kicked down the wrong door of the Sheraton Hotel in Melbourne and completely traumatised people who had NO IDEA why they were being attacked.

Comment by Browniie 06.30.05 @ 10:44 pm

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