Naming my babies Moore, Wilkie and Brown

My silenced rage (and that of Greens Senator Bob Brown) at the injustice of what has been happening not in my name in Iraq, auspiced by not my Prime Minister has now made the mainstream.
I spent yesterday afternoon at the Dendy Newtown in a full-to-capacity movie theatre showing F9/11. Whilst we were all different, we shared the desire to be informed, and informed we were.
Having seen Fahrenheit 9/11, the latest movie by Michael Moore, I can now take a break and drink my Peppermint tea knowing that the world of activism is in safe hands.

Now that I am calmed, I am going to devote my energy to conceiving a few new Australians. I plan to have triplets by 2005 so I can pocket the $1500 that this Government will pay me. With the money I will buy the book Axis of Deceit by Andrew Wilkie. I will alternate weekends reading aloud with weekends writing placards.
Gee, I wonder how much cardboard and fluorescent paint $1470.05 will buy?


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