Alerted to the alert

One alert Australian has complained on Radio 2UE that his privacy has been breached as a direct result of providing information to the  national security hotline.

Attorney General Ruddock has this to say about the lack of privacy on his confidential, anonymous terrorism hotline.

"Part of the problem is that a lot of this information gets into a number of hands, and one of the areas that I’m going to have looked at to see whether or not it came from this source is that information is often included on search warrants to provide a basis upon which the warrants can be exercised, and that information is handed over to the parties concerned."

With Ruddock’s history as the minister in charge of DIMIA and his clearly persistent and pervasive ineptitude, the biggest terror threat comes not from the guys stockpiling lawn food, but from anyone with a portfolio in this government.

Ruddock out now  
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