Bursting with love and pride

The girlchild has just moved out of our home and I miss having her around. I miss the throng and thrust that a young person adds to an old person’s existence. I miss her energy, chatter and company. I miss the rush of love and pride that I would feel whenever I saw her achieving, exploring, trying.

When she was growing up, and as a sole-parent, I tried to balance all the conflicting stakeholders – need for money, career, self, activism, sex, companionship. In all these considerations, I kept ‘parent’ at the top of my list and ran my decisions through the ‘how-might-this-affect-the-girlchild-filter’.

Now, 21 years later, my gorgeous girlchild has a career, a boyfriend, friends, is a volunteer helping youth and is steadily changing her world one injustice at a time.

Recently, I was very unwell and the girlchild took carer’s leave to tend to me. Nurse J was dutiful and patient and kept that drug-trolley stocked and rotational…

I am so honored that she has modeled herself on what I did when she was growing up and our relationship is nurtured, respected and phabulous. I know if/when she becomes a mama herself she will have ‘permission’ to define that role in any way she wants.

I can’t think of a better legacy to leave for my girlchild.

‘The love you make is the love you take’ is true for us.

I couldn’t be more proud or more happy for the girlchild or myself!



Our house has always celebrated the girlchild’s birthday with a cake that reflected current events.  At her last birthday the girlchild completed her probationary driver status, and had to fund high fuel costs. For those squinting the green cake is supposed to be a bowser. With thanks to the Patissier Avec Frontier.

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7 Responses to “Bursting with love and pride”

  1. Brownie Says:

    Congratulations Suki!
    A loving relationship is such a wonderful achievement.
    Not easily come by.
    May The good ship Girl Child always sail safe waters.

    Thanks for the laugh too – Patissiers AVEC Frontiers!
    naturellement. my own patisserian frontiers are pretty damn close I can tell you.

    It wasn’t the first laugh I’ve had today.

    “The $51 million contract was awarded to the church’s health and welfare arm Centacare.
    “Centacare professionals have been able to do this non-judgmentally, non-directively for decades,” Mr Abbott said. ”

    My opinion of the papists needing 51 mill to ‘counsel’ unwilling mothers-to-be, is that the Pope could easily sell a gold ewer or two and raise more.
    I pray the cash could be spent on counselling irresponsible males to keep a lid on their damn sperm if they are only spending it for a thrill.
    Put that in your damn Curriculum Vitae, Ratzy!

  2. Suki Says:

    Thanks Brownie 🙂

    As for Abbott and hAis hand at choosing where the funds go…
    all I can say is
    acting with impunity.

  3. weezil Says:

    I’ve since consulted the guerilla patissier squadron about how to keep my icing from melting on warm days. 😀

  4. susoz Says:

    Congrats from me too and I hope GC is a regular visitor.

  5. Suki Says:

    Thanks susoz, so do I…

    Now that the icing-situation has been addressed I’m sure there will be no stopping her 🙂

  6. Brownie Says:

    The Icing Situation is so easy, the manuals do not bother to explain it:

    There are two kinds of icing sugar in Aisle 37 – Soft Icing and PURE Icing.

    The soft kind is best for winter cakes with the butter icing recipe,
    buttery icing will just slide off in summer;

    the PURE icing when mixed with lemon juice or egg white, gives the hard shiny icing one sees on cupcakes in ‘really Australian’ cake shops.

    The hard icings beloved of competition cake decorators, involve ground almond meal.

    You’d think I could cook wouldn’t you! not.

  7. Brownie Says:

    drat! I forgodda say the cake is wonderful
    and the red licorice pump hose was a stroke of genius.

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