Lunchbreak in St Marys

My work has recently seconded me to the Sydney West area. Yesterday I was having lunch in Queens Street, St Marys, when I looked up and saw this.


My apologies for the poor quality of the image from my phone. It seems that the driver of this polluting style of advertising had stopped for lunch and while doing so someone had climbed upon the truck and spray painted WANKA on HoWArd’s forehead and drawn him a pirate’s moustache.

It absolutely made my day and I couldn’t stop giggling, especially as I observed the hapless driver attempt to engage a police officer, in the seriousness of this crime, as people busted a gut laughing, as this advertisement was clearly doing its job- and being noticed.

I wonder what the driver was trying to have the offender charged with- it would be a tossup between misspelling and substandard face sculpture.

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18 Responses to “Lunchbreak in St Marys”

  1. weezil Says:

    The offender (if ever caught) will be charged under HoWARd’s terrorism law-uhs. Perhaps may also have to defend one count of spelling in Strine in the Supa Centa’s community courtroom. 😆

  2. Beppie Says:

    Te he.



  3. Suki Says:

    The people take their power back!


  4. weezil Says:

    Suki, I don’t spoze you have a big fat black marker in your handbag, do ya? 😀

  5. weezil Says:

    That HoWARd would clog up traffic with advertising trucks in inner-city traffic tells you an awful lot about his actual commitment to solutions to global warming, his concern for the safety of you and your children out on the roads… and exactly how much of a wanker he really is.

    HoWARd on ad trucks is absolutely worse than his infamous phone spams.

  6. Ann O'Dyne Says:

    ditto from me on all of that above .. plus:
    that truck has a mighty large carbon tyre-print
    spewing it’s diesel fumes everywhere for nothing.

    Thanks Suki for this fine public service

  7. Ann O'Dyne Says:

    PS – the driver was in that ‘Adult Book Shop’ advertised above the truck ?

  8. Link Says:

    But isn’t this a pro- Labor ad? I thought it was supposed to be ironic? Parking this vehicle in all the places were Australian families aren’t doing so well. Its not, meant to be a pro-Howard ad? Surely? That’s even more of a grotesque distortion than the ‘trust me’ slogan. I’m not sure if I’m overwhelming naive or wildly cynical.

  9. Suki Says:

    You know Link, now that you mention it the ALP were at the scene and tried to interview people about what they thought. I assumed it was about the defacing, but now I understand that they may have been there as part of the campaign.

    Oh my, it’s all just clicked- That’s why the ALP were there.

    When asked by the ALP woman what I thought, I assumed she was asking me about the art applied to HoWArd and I said I would have written “We’ll see you in the Hague!”

  10. Helen Says:

    OMG (cleaning wine off keyboard), what an incredibly irritating thing to have go past you when you’re minding your own business.

    Actual conversation between truck driver and policeman:

    TD: Excuse me officer. Someone’s vandalised this pitcher here and I’d like to report it.
    Cop: OK, but you know we’ve got buckley’s of finding who did it.
    TD: Yeah mate, but I’ve got to get it on record that I complained about it. *Thinks*: don’t want to get the sack for making it obvious I don’t care a rat’s arse about this tool, so I’d better make it crystal clear to the boss I’ve reported it.

  11. Suki Says:

    What if we are witnessing a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign and the truck driver and the ALP woman actually defaced the image of HoWArd.
    Maybe, all those ALP meetings, with the venom and spit, forced them to respond, Pavlovian dog style, to all and any image of HoWArd and discredit it.

    I have emailed Peter Garrett and asked him if this is coming out of the ALP’s advertising budget. And if it is, just how carbon neutral he thinks it might be?

  12. Benno Says:

    “Link” is correct. It is one of many ALP ads authorised by Tim Gartrell circling marginal aspy seats. The idea is that people absolutely hate being told that “they’ve never had it so good” so “why won’t you vote for us you ungrateful bastards?”

    The same happened to Paul Keating – may the light of seven thousand holy fireflies shine upon him – in 1996 and this big sign is a big sign that the Liberals will lose in a landslide.

  13. Suki Says:

    Benno said:

    “and this big sign is a big sign that the Liberals will lose in a landslide”

    Then come November it will all have been worth it!

    We will be voting HoWARd out!

  14. weezil Says:

    I have emailed Peter Garrett and asked him if this is coming out of the ALPs advertising budget. And if it is, just how carbon neutral he thinks it might be?

    I don’t give a rat’s if they’re solar electric or running on biodiesel, they’re traffic hazards which block drivers’ lines of sight… and are just plain eyesores. I’m sure you could have gotten through your whole lunch hour happily without seeing Johnny’s mug, graffitied or not.

    Vehicles primarily purposed for displaying advert signage should be banned, especially those silly groups of scooters towing signage trailers. Their riders often do hazardous things to keep their group formation together.

  15. Suki Says:

    Day 5 and not a peep from either of Garrett’s addresses.

  16. Ann O'Dyne Says:

    re above – The Member Doesn’t Have To Hear,
    The Member Just Has To Be Seen To Listen.

  17. weezil Says:

    Suki Says:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 6:50 am

    Day 5 and not a peep from either of Garretts addresses.

    Oh, didn’t you know? PG won’t use a computer that’s running on a coal-fired power station. 😆

  18. Suki Says:

    Long gone are the days when voters mattered.

    As for “The Member Doesnt Have To Hear,
    The Member Just Has To Be Seen To Listen.”
    Ann O’Dyne, can’t these politicians at least find a loyal Labor volunteer or pay a staffer to respond to emails?

    I also cc’d the ALP’s local member- Roger also gave me empty inbox syndrome.

    I might just take my lunch break to go visit his office and see what happens.

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