My shout for a Crown as the General leaves the building…

General Peter Cosgrove will not be renewing his contract in July 2005. I have much respect for the man inside the Uniform.
I will miss his wisdom, judgment and compassion.
Not least of all for statements such as this,

“We should not rush off on jingoistic sentiments or warped ideas of mateship and the ANZAC spirit. Those ideas are true. But they are outcomes. They are not motives. So our decisions as a nation to go to war must be the most serious we ever take. Only when the decision is irrevocable and accepted, let then the people perform to the ANZAC spirit which is uniquely Australian and compounds our effect wherever we appear. But let’s not ever use that as the reason to put on khaki.”

…and who will post into the position?
Air force blue should be the next leading colour…
Probably Air Chief Marshal Houston.

General Peter Cosgrove












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  1. Houston v. HoWARd or Exocet v. Torpedo. Round #2. » Suki Has An Opinion Says:

    […] It is traditional practice that the ‘colour’ of CDF rotates between the three services- Army, Navy, Air force. It was widely believed that after Admiral Barrie it was to be Air Force blue for CDF. It is also believed that Air Marshal Houston, and with him the Air force, was being punished for his honesty in the children overboard affair and it would be some time before he became Air Chief Marshal Houston. That day came and now we have an honest man meeting a dishonest man yet again. […]

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