Latham to become a lighthouse keeper.

Lighthouse keepers don’t need doorbells as there is very little foot traffic. It is the perfect job for a person who wants to get away from it all.

My hope for PM in 2007, has resigned from parliament.

He is looking as sick as his beloved Labor party is!

He just wasn’t what I hoped he could be.
Even as I listen to the audio I’m thinking "internal attribution; suck it up"
I’m instantly ashamed of my lack of concern for him as a human being.

I guess that’s how it is.
I demand that my Leaders lead.

  1. No crying.
  2. No weakness.
  3. No sycophancy.

I admire Mark as an individual, a husband, a father and a son.
He is putting his health and family before his career.
He can however, not fill the expectation I have for Leader of my country.

I’ve just realised what that means.
It means that I expect utter devotion and single-mindedness to one role.
I dislike personalities like that.
They make such lousy people…

What I expect creates what I dislike.

I have to go now, I need to cook some comfort food for me and the lighthouse keeper.

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