UNSW Student guild adopts this government’s Bribe-a-voter technique for upcoming rally

The Federal government is denouncing student groups who may receive a cash incentive for influencing a political outcome.

The Federal government is hypocritical in their comment regarding this. Last May, in the form of a new maternity payment, commonly known as the ‘baby bonus’ HoWARd and his government did exactly the same thing – cash incentive for influencing a political outcome.

A spokesman for the federal Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, said yesterday,

"The average, normal students whose compulsorily collected fees are paying for this sort of rent-a-crowd have probably had enough. This is a perfect example of how they continue to be forced to pay for activities that they may not need or want."

What if we were to change fees to taxes, and activities to children?

Just how dismissive would the good Doctor be if the UNSW Student guild was offering cash incentives to student groups who did not go to the rally?

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