Placing a woman central to her reproductive health choices.

Most people want to reduce the number of abortions, but don’t want to limit existing access to abortion on demand, according to a national survey conducted for the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, published in The Australian yesterday.

"Significantly, an overwhelming 87 per cent of Australians endorse an approach that works to reduce the number of abortions without restricting access to the procedure."

This measure (if implemented) places women central to the issue whilst adding extra services. It builds on already existing services that are increasingly overstretched. Whilst I understand that the person is political, worker neutrality is possible. Currently such counseling exists where three options are discussed,

  1. abortion
  2. continuing with the pregnancy
  3. adoption

With careful screening of additional service providers which assures worker and organisational neutrality, providing counseling, information and referral, then more resources would be welcome.

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