Laurie Ferguson finds his voice and humanity cringes

The Federal Opposition’s spokesman on Immigration, Laurie Ferguson, says the proposed release of long-term detainee Peter Qasim could set a worrying precedent. Mr. Qasim is among 50 people invited to apply for a bridging visa by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone.
But Labor’s immigration spokesman, Laurie Ferguson, says he is not convinced the case sets the right example.

"I would think that up to recently there are issues as to his cooperation. I think it would be a very worrying precedent for people in Australia where we might establish a system where people aren’t cooperative, they don’t really clarify who they are, where they come from, what their political and religious or political and ethnic backgrounds are."

Not long after Laurie spoke out, Kim Beasley weighed in with this-
"I think you’ll find Laurie has revised his position"

In the uncooperative stakes, having to choose between Peter Qasim and Laurie Ferguson, Laurie wins!

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