Surgical Termination Of Pregnancy spying

As with all things regressive at the moment, it seems the US is leading the way.
Whilst Indiana or Kansas are not in Australia, the legislation, but more frighteningly, the intent, could certainly be imported here. We, as health care consumers, must remain ever vigilant of our right to privacy. We must be able to continue to trust those that we share our medical history with. An abortion or 5 abortions is a medical history your Medical Practitioner should know about.In Darwin there is a Surgical Termination Of Pregnancy (STOP) clinic – uncomplicated, unequivocal, public.
NT Law states that abortion happen in a Hospital. Darwin only had one hospital. In a town of 80,000 people everybody respected the need for privacy and very few breaches occurred.
Even in this respectful environment quite a bit of identity swapping happened. Hospital Record Numbers were offered for our Catholic sisters. This practice in an open and respectful system, where an external factor got in the way, potentially leaves us with inaccurate medical records.
Can we even begin to imagine what happens when we don’t feel that we can trust an internal factor?

The news item that inspired this post was a birthday gift from diogenesian discourse, thanks Gerry.

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