Brogden sorry he was caught

When asked at his press conference whether the two (possibly more, Brogden couldn’t remember the second woman) had a case for sexual harassment against his actions he dismissed it as,

"They are acts that were meant in jest."

Clearly, the former leader does not understand what constitutes sexual harassment. He believes because he has known one of the women for a long time she would understand that he was joking. He says he is guilty of being too familiar, and of caring and engaging with people.

"I let some steam off, and clearly I let that steam off in a completely inappropriate manner after having about six beers over a three-hour period…it was the week of Bob Carr announcing he was resigning from politics."

Well, John Brogden, aren’t the arses of women up and down NSW now grateful and safe that they will not have to endure your belief in your right to a celebratory, sexually assaulting and harassing grope…or three.

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