“Fuck off dogbreath”

More details about Brogden’s view of women.

Mr Brogden said yesterday his actions were in jest and made towards a journalist he had known for years. But this was not the case with Angela Cuming, a journalist with The Sun-Herald, who was present when the party moved to the Marble Bar.
Cuming said she approached Mr Brogden and asked him about his election chances.

"He then stopped me … slipped one arm around the small of my back, leant down and said, ‘Enough of that. Are you available?’ I stumbled out some reply on the lines of, ‘No, I have a boyfriend, thanks very much.’"

Until women learn to say "Fuck off dogbreath" or "If it’s not 12 inches on the flop I’m not interested" (credited to my mate Moi) or "Like I want to see his willy" (credited to the girlchild’s friend Jasmine, aged 10, who was flashed at) then we as women will continue to have to politely thank boorish, powerful, sexually predatory men every day of every week.

Helena Carr understands a man like Brogden and her right to be treated with respect and will not accept an apology from him. Rightly so. A powerful, self-assured woman knows what she is worth and Helena is one such woman. She knows that the only way to deal with men such as Brogden is to shine a big bright spotlight on their behavior and name it up for what it is.

My girlchild will enter the professional workforce at the end of this year. She has been brought up to expect respect as a person and has been given permission to say all of the above. Knowing her, she will add a few more choice and appropriate lines.
Understand this is not about abuse for the sake of it. This about deconstructing a predator’s view of female and reminding them that a woman has a right to not be sexually harassed or assaulted.

"Well, he can ship his mail-order bride back on the boat." – Brogden

I’ll keep Helena Carr and ship off Brogden thanks.
Does Pittwater have a jetty?

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