Disruptive pattern, disrupted lives

What exactly motivates a person that lives in Australia which does not (yet) have conscription to join the Military.
Is it

  1. loyalty to the country
  2. a desire for adventure
  3. a desire to travel
  4. a love of discipline
  5. clear, defined structures
  6. an urge to serve
  7. fearlessness
  8. a sense of invulnerability

It is not unreasonable for a member of the military to expect compensation for an injury or injuries they sustain whilst on active duty from the Government of the country that they serve.
That is unless you are in the ADF then it is seen as seriously and absolutely unreasonable.

"I would describe Defence’s conduct as disgraceful and based on an agenda of wearing litigants down or deliberately protracting the legal action until they die in the process." – Solicitor David Forster

"It’s certainly very concerning when we see veterans with mental health problems who may or may not still be in a battle for compensation, who are still young men whose relationships are breaking down, who are finding difficulty fitting into society. These problems do cause huge disability."

"And one hopes that’s taken into account in making decisions about what we do and don’t do as a country." – Director of the veterans’ psychiatry unit at Melbourne’s Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital Professor Mal Hopwood

War as a last resort.

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