Hello and welcome to the new home of suki has an opinion.

This will be fun 
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14 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. 12thharmonic Says:

    New Blog looks great! Love the Masthead Img.
    I need to update the old blogroll.

  2. 12thharmonic Says:

    And its random.cool stuff.

  3. diogenes Says:

    Hello neighbour… So you’ve actually done it!! congratulations !!!

  4. diogenes Says:

    Yeah, love the new look too.

  5. weezil Says:

    Nice work on the theme, Suki. The random rotating header image is very cool. 🙂

    Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress.



  6. Suki Says:

    Thanks guys. I’m making more random headers as we speak. I hope to get at least 46!

  7. Boondoggler Says:

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooki ….. luv it meself …. ok .. why the move ?


  8. Suki Says:

    Well, as I acquired more and more opinions it became clear that there was nowhere left to hang the posts over at the blogspot digs.

    WordPress is a much friendlier and quieter neighbourhood.

  9. liam hogan Says:

    WordPress is a much friendlier and quieter neighbourhood

    Amen to that. And, you can have proper gravatars if you want. Which I suspect, in your heart of hearts, you do.

  10. Guy Says:

    The random header images are great… kinda spooky! 🙂

  11. Suki Says:

    I used a Finepix S7000 to take the images.
    What can I say…12 megapixels each of me, my pets and the ‘hood.

  12. dj Says:

    I like the clean layout and choice of colour.

  13. Zoe Says:

    It looks lovely. And nice rat, too.

  14. Suki Says:

    Zoe there are 5 in total and they are all gorgeous boys.

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