Be wary of OH&S bearing gifts

If someone comes into your workplace and says we are here to promote health and safety, ask to check their credentials. There is nothing safe in having a worker feel furious and embarrassed when her face appeared on television advertisements for WorkChoices and she did not agree to it.

"I was lied to and deceived. It’s been put to me that I’m just a Liberal Party pin-up girl. But that’s not me. I’ve protested against the Liberal Government. I’m into social justice." – Phelia  Grimwade.

Phelia’s statement alone tells me she is legitimate in her fury.  No one who is into social justice could possibly support our current Liberal Party.  

Tom Cooper, the account manager for Dewey Horton, the agency hired by the Government to produce the ads, denied his staff had given vague descriptions of the purpose to mislead people into appearing in the advertisements.

"Anybody who participated in the advertisements signed a talent release form that stated clearly that the client was the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations and the issue was industrial relations. I can’t understand what all the confusion is about." – Tom Cooper.

The confusion Tom seems to be about the lack of details in the contract.
Something we will come to call workplace "Billying" alongside of workplace bullying.

 WorkChoices (not all choices available at all stores)

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4 Responses to “Be wary of OH&S bearing gifts”

  1. Larry Bonewend Says:

    I felt so sorry for Ms Grimwade. Imagine how violating it would feel? Being splashed around in the name of advertising legislation you despise, and possibly without a legal leg to stand on.

    She’s protested against the Liberal government and subscribes to the Greens for goodness sakes.

  2. Armaniac Says:

    Ah, new site.

    Will update linkage….

    Uncle Tom sounds like a deceiving ratbag. Then again it has to be kindof obvious to anyone with half an eye on the policy pages that an ad relating to IR on behalf of the feds is not likely to be politically neutral.

  3. Armaniac Says:

    PS good luck with WP. I moved to it for a short while, then moved back because I like the useability of blogger. But WP certainly has a nice font and layout…

  4. joe2 Says:

    While feeling for Phelia, who seems not have received her 1000 dollars, my heart goes out to the poor buggers who may have copped ,double time ,around 60 dollars, for their work. Suggestions that their bosses were paid 7000 dollars to film in the factory have been denied.

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