Next few days crucial

The PM tells us that it is just coincidental that his announcement that Australia is facing a possible terrorist threat has been timed to avoid scrutiny of the industrial relations and counter-terrorism laws. 

"Now if I had made the calculation that I’ll put this off for a few days so people won’t accuse me of that, and something were to happen, people would have every right to condemn me unconditionally." -John HoWARd

This is brilliantly circular isn’t it.  HoWARd won’t outline the specifics of the threat.  The legislation will go through because there is a threat. Naturally the threat will be averted because we have legislation to do so.  We may or may not ever hear the details of the threat and Australians will applaud him because hero HoWARd spared us from the threat being realised. Does anybody realise exactly where the threat is here?   

Do Not trust HoWARd   

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7 Responses to “Next few days crucial”

  1. Kate Says:

    I keep thinking “surely they wouldn’t?” But it seems they would.

  2. Suki Says:

    Yes, shamefully they would. They would and they do and now everything is justifiable.

  3. JahTeh Says:

    I don’t see how I couldn’t trust that face. Is that Weez holding that seditious sign?

  4. David Says:

    I’m not afraid of terrorism. I’m much more afraid of the anti-terrorism laws. The effects they will have on liberties and personal freedoms seem immoral.

    It is so scary what is happening in the parliament at the moment. Every day seems to be another winding back of the Australian way of life: IR, anti terrorism, cuts to public spending.

    The scary thing for me is: these are the ones we hear about. The things that happen that don’t go before the parliament and that don’t get seen by the public are the things that scare me the most.

    And the way these laws are changing the fundamental nature of Australia from what I know and love – to something colder, darker and vaguely tyranical.

    I’m not a history person. I don’t know much about the history of politics in Australia. I can only hope that we, as a country, have gone through this sort of stuff before and we have recovered. I hope so.

  5. Suki Says:

    JahTeh, Weez is not a shy protestor 🙂

    You sum up precisely the mood of most of the people I know. Ultimately we are left with little more than our grieving…

  6. David Collett Says:

    I grieve, but I also still have hope.

    Hope that the immoral acts that John Howard commits against Australia will be the trigger which converts people from being mere consumers to being citizens. People who care about the way their country (and even world) is run.

    And as citizens, build something better.

  7. Friday Femmes Fatales No 30 - Philobiblon Says:

    […] Meanwhile, in Australia, Suki Has An Opinion reports on how there’s a heightened terrorist threat, just as the government is trying to get its repressive terror law through . Did John Howard perhaps study the Blair “tanks at Heathrow” approach, or has anyone, just maybe, thought that if by chance this were a real threat, it shows al-Qa’ida WANTS repressive legislation to go through. All it would take is a few anonymous emails with the right key words … […]

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