Too alarmed to be alert

On the same day that Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews tabled the Work Choices Bill, HoWARd, with his wingman Ruddock has told Australians that there is a specific terror threat to Australia.

During the press conference, after fending off specifics, HoWARd implored Australians to just get on with their day-to-day events.

Really, in what order should I worry in an Australian-kind-of-way.

Should I start with collecting my daughter and her friends so that they do not travel by train through the heart of Sydney?

Or should I start with working through lunch and staying back late so that I impress my employer so that when the next round of supervision comes I will be assessed as a triple A rated worker?

Or should I start by telling all my peaceful, intelligent, olive-skinned young male cousins to never ever run with a backpack…

The alert levels do not need to be officially raised for me (and mine) to be alarmed.

Update: Very Alarmed.

beat the rush; work and play in chains cahined
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  1. mgk: Machine Gun Keyboard Says:

    […] You are being sold a bill of goods- and it has been done before. Is this just a smokescreen to cover TerrorChoices? If ever there was a time to be alarmed- it’s right spanking now.   […]

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