The dog ate my homework

In his latest attempt to come across as believable, Costello is worse than a lazy student. At least a lazy student will give you vague credibility, but Costello expects us to believe that ‘not’ and ‘now’ were mysteriously interchanged and we read the document wherein they lay all wrong.

Not, Peter tell the truth. It was now the dog – it was the goldfish.

If we believe this then we have as much memory as one.

They say goldfish have no memories

With thanks to Ani DiFranco and her Little Plastic Castle CD

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15 Responses to “The dog ate my homework”

  1. weezil Says:

    Then I promise I will not now smear the Treasurer with pork rind and throw him to a pack of crazed labradoodles.

  2. Brownie Says:

    Hi SHAO, just swinging through to applaud your mission. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. J Says:

    Ah, Costello, we barely knew ye.

    An aspiring PM, finished.

    But, it is a little disturbing that for every fuck-up by one of his ministers, John Howard’s position seems to be strenghtened.

  4. Ron Says:

    I was listening to Costello on the radio today lecturing us all on racism.

    I just don’t think the public will every accept him as a PM: that sickening smirk and his way of talking down to everyone is a real turnoff.

    I think his brother, Tim, got all the nice genes in that family.

    I wonder if anyone in the Howard gang will ever tell the whole truth about anything or take some responsibility.

  5. David Collett Says:

    I still see him as the next liberal leader.

    I was thinking that the reason why he backed off his leadership challenge recently was to avoid the fallout of the IR legilsation which will come next year. When it does come, it will affect HoWARd’s popularity and standing in the eyes of the public, rather than his own. Which will leave the way open for him to take the reins.

    But I’m not political analyst.

  6. Suki Says:

    Thanks Brownie,

    J, I don’t know how lies upon mistruths upon falsehoods can be so popular.

    I’m with you on Peter Costello. As an aside he is not popular with women. Around my female friends he is variously described as ‘creepy’ or ‘a pig’.
    I hope this means that women are less likely to vote for him…

    Curiously, HoWARd is described ‘like an uncle’…eek – not in my genepool!

    Do you think HoWARd’s ego will let him be bad cop?

  7. Suki Says:

    I just had a chance to read Costello’s merry little jig where he dances with his three equally demanding mistresses –
    1. Not upsetting the all powerful Jones.
    2. Not undermining his boss and the ‘no racism’ line.
    3. Diverting us from his latest fuck-up.

  8. David Collett Says:

    I don’t think Howard has a choice in the matter. Repercussions will come from IR and welfare-to-work and with him at the helm, he can’t dodge them.

    I don’t think HoWARd would be thinking along these lines about avoiding the fallout either. I don’t think he would see what will be happening as bad.

    For me, I see HoWARd driven by weird idealogy. Stuff like how a family should be, and how we should suck up to America, economic rationalism and neo-liberal thinking. White male Christian 50’s values combined with corporate oppression.

    I see this come through most in his IR reforms, and his anti-terror legislation and welfare to work legislation.

    In a way, I see him as having a lack of empathy and understanding of the world, and being moved by an agenda which doesn’t actually map that well on to the way the world actually is.

    I see him as a politician who plays to people’s baser motives – fear of interest rate rises, the Tampa – to gain power and then uses this power to shape Australia in his image. The trouble is, his own image is terribly, terribly screwed up.

    But this is all speculation. I haven’t read deeply into the man’s motives.

    Anyways, how did I start on this?

  9. Ron Says:

    “Anyways, how did I start on this?”

    I don’t know, David, but I’m glad you did it was interesting.

  10. David Collett Says:


    I often wonder if I just scare people off with my comments.

  11. Ron Says:

    My greatest dislike in commenting on blogs, David, is being the last commenter in a thread. Paranoia!

  12. weezil Says:

    I’ll save you the trouble. 😉

  13. David Collett Says:

    What about being the last commenter on a post with a question that never goes answered?

  14. weezil Says:

    Perhaps it is presumed to be rhetorical!

  15. joe2 Says:

    Just glad that we are not going to the Costello household for that ‘thang’/Xmas. Imagined ,at one stage,the family,would not be ‘rascist’ and good things would come from a change. Peter, is a scary bloke, when you look at what has become of Phil Ruddock.

    Happy Solstice and keep up the great work.

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