Unbuilt houses

Queensland MP Peter Slipper is quoted as saying

"I believe it would be a negation of our responsibility if we were to flick the decision to an unelected body, an unaccountable body, such as the TGA. I believe the minister is the appropriate person to make the decision. Governments and elected representatives are elected to govern – it is important to stand up and take a stand on issues of importance. This is a key issue on whether there ought to be legalised another means of killing unborn children." 

If this is the case then I demand that the government stand up on all issues of importance such as the slump in the building industry.  The rate of building permits for new houses has dropped significantly and if we don’t build our houses now, using strong saplings, then there will be no houses for when our house-building population ages. 

Every sapling needs to be saved from the axe. If the government is serious then it would ban the axe. You could still use a chainsaw (and we won’t acknowledge chainsaws), but the axe would be banned.  Axes can only be used with the express permission of the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.  The minister owns no hand tools, has never built a house and has a distrust of axe wielders, but he is an elected representative.

Non-axe users would be paid $3119 dollars every time a sapling is saved to become a house.  This amount could be increased to $4000 from July 2006 and $5000 from July 2008.

This is a key issue on whether there ought to be legalised another means of killing unbuilt houses.

future house 

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  1. Anna Winter Says:

    Suki, that was brilliant!

  2. Suki Says:

    Thanks Anna and kartar.

  3. kartar Says:

    What Anna said…

  4. mgk: Machine Gun Keyboard Says:

    […] However, Queensland MP Peter Slipper thinks that the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administraion, despite its inherently evidence based nature, should not be empowered to approve RU486- because it is an unelected body. In course of that innately flawed logic, I’m waiting for Slipper to introduce a private member’s bill to legislate the colour of sky to something a bit more acceptable to the belief-based mobs. He’ll have just as much luck forcing human behaviour to conform to his belief-based notions. […]

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