Abbott believes he’s the go-to man

Mr. Abbott you are wrong

In fact you are brimming over with wrongability.  Lets just see how wrong the current situation with accessing the drug RU486 in Australia is.

  1. You are not a scientist.
  2. You do not do medical research.
  3. The WHO does not run programs with you.
  4. You have no medical training.
  5. You have no pharmaceutical training.
  6. You do not have a uterus.
  7. You have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and make grand claims based on assumptions/expectations.
  8. You are informed by belief as opposed to evidence.
  9. You are not the TGA. 

"There were perfectly good reasons, reasons of principle, not of sordid calculations for saying that this is such an important thing that it shouldn’t be in the hands of the … unaccountable bureaucrats." – Tony Abbott

"This use of the drug is sufficiently controversial, if you like – there are sufficient public interest issues involved – for the added accountability of a ministerial decision to be part of that process." – Tony Abbott.

Clearly, in your mind Tony you are Australia’s most pre-eminently, accountable bureaucrat – Wrong again!

Mr. Accountable  

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26 Responses to “Abbott believes he’s the go-to man”

  1. cat =^..^= Says:

    Why if this issue is so “controversial” do politicians think they are qualified to decide on it? No one cares when for religious reasons some members of society refuse blood tranfusions which may save their lives. The right to choose or refuse certain types of medical treatments is upheld there. Maybe it isn’t about women knowing and owning their own bodies, maybe we need to start our own religion which preaches sensible medical options and demands members with unwanted preganancies take RU486 as a matter of our belief system. Because we all know you shouldn’t mess with religion, fuck over the female body, but let the capitalist preachers continue to ruin lives.

    Our religion shall uphold Freya, Godess of War, Love , Reproduction, you name it and our place of worship shall be abortion clinics, as a sign of strength for allowing our choices to be actioned.

  2. J Says:

    You can drop all the other points; point 6 is really the most important part of this issue.

  3. JahTeh Says:

    If he thinks this issue is so important, why was he trying for the Defence portfolio?

  4. Suki Says:

    As always, your clarity at the core issue is razor sharp.

    Good point.

    Curious. How would his belief system get in the way of that portfolio?

  5. marcel white Says:

    Cat says: “Our religion shall uphold Freya, Godess of War, Love , Reproduction, you name it and our place of worship shall be abortion clinics…”

    These words speak for themselves. I never use the term ‘pro-choice’ for this exact reason, because activists such as Cat really ‘pro-abortion’.

    I don’t know who Cat is, where she comes from, or why she thinks abortion should be celebrated. I know not everyone fears judgment, or love Jesus Christ, the way they should, but I think in time (or perhaps after it) people will regret so enthusiastically supporting such an evil practice. Cat, whoever you are, I will pray for you and your conversion (thanking Suki in advance for letting this post stay online) : )

  6. Suki Says:

    You don’t know who cat is – do you marcel?
    Think ‘mouse’ and pray that Freya has mercy on your sperm.

  7. cat =^..^= Says:

    Marcel let go of your ego. Just as i do celebrate a world where abortion exists, I also celebrate one that does not require me to take on your paternalistic, sexist abusive values. I do celebrate choice in all things, be that abortion, spirituality, political preference or sexuality.

    I choose not to be ‘saved’ by your church, even though i think the non-judgmental jesus christ was a pretty righteous dude, hanging with the whores and lepers as such, i feel maybe Marcel these are not people you would be comfotable with? I don’t need ‘saving’ my soul is clear and my humanity imperfect, thus how it all should be. Most importantly I don’t feel the need to hold a large ego and boost myself for being such a small person by imposing my values on others.

    suki is a gorgeous and good friend whose blog I support. Marcel is your audience so small that you are reduced to hi-jacking another’s forum to have your say? do you find no one is listening to you? does this get through to you and tell you anything? there are no converts here, just intelligent reasoned rational thinking humans. are you so lonely that you hope we will take you onboard? we know your views all too well, they are not original, just sad. so spare us the education, we’ve had it and chose to reject it. if as you believe we shall be judged for eternity maybe you should let it go and leave it to the one slightly more qualified than yourself to damn us.

    you will not earn your brownie points to heaven here.

    Thanks suki 🙂 Vote for RU486!!!!!!! I know i trust people enough to make their own choices and if need be mistakes. Its just a big imperfect world afterall.

  8. marcel white Says:

    “….such a small person by imposing my values on others.”

    The ultimate imposition of values on a small person is abortion. The consequence of the imposing ‘choice’ is the ending of a hmuan life. It’s not about ego, it’s about presenting the truth to people who’d otherwise participate in a mutual admiration excercise without being challenged.

    I notice that when you are challenged you turn to personl invective. In the past, in my immaturity, i may have done the same… That was until i realised the force of the arguments on our side mitigate against the need to insult people. I’ll leave that to you Cat. God bless.

  9. marcel white Says:

    ‘human’ and ‘exercise’ in the interests of upholding readability.

  10. J Says:

    “These words speak for themselves. I never use the term ‘pro-choice’ for this exact reason, because activists such as Cat really ‘pro-abortion’.”

    I’ve not heard of one single woman that deliberately impregnated herself in order to have an abortion. What rubbish.

    “I know not everyone fears judgment, or love Jesus Christ, the way they should, but I think in time (or perhaps after it) people will regret so enthusiastically supporting such an evil practice.”

    It is no small coincidence that the same people who think we should worship their particular sock puppet in the sky also think that they should impose their will – as in the case of abortion laws – upon other people. It is quite telling really.

  11. Suki Says:

    I think we are done here.

    cat =^..^=,
    -Goddess, friend – thank you.
    Your passion and acuity is sublime.

    mouse…*oops marcel – in our female company you are beyond irrelevant.

  12. weezil Says:

    J Says: I’ve not heard of one single woman that deliberately impregnated herself in order to have an abortion. What rubbish.


    We’ve attempted to get Marcel to understand the concept of free reproductive choice v. no choices but Marcel’s faerie tales for quite some time now.

    He’s either naturally thick or wantonly stupid, but either way, he’s as wrong as a soup sandwich. Even Marcel must have a sort of dim understanding, whilst squinting through his self-imposed mental fog, that something’s not quite right.

  13. zoot Says:

    Point 6 applies to Marcel as well as Abbott.

  14. weezil Says:

    Point 6 technically disqualifies all in that class from imposing their will on those who do not belong to that class. Not until Marcel White is changing his tampon a few times a month will his opinon mean anything to women- and quite likely not even then.

    I would say that I still want to know where White gets his authoritah to instruct women on how to operate their uteri, but I think I know that answer. Religionists have for literal millennia demanded to impose their will on everyone else, with no more justification than a mouldy book of faerie tales. 21st century women are simply not obligated to swallow Marcel’s guff.

    Why isn’t White protesting against tattoos, boob jobs and body piercings?

    Last words… fuck off, Marcel. You and your religious nonsense are beyond irrelevance. In this arena, you’re definitely out of your depth.

  15. rain Says:

    i am a scientist
    i do medical research
    i have some medical training
    i have some pharmaceutical training
    i have a uterus

    in the united states reproductive rights are currently under assault as well. control over our own reproductive health is truly the key to equality. some folks find equality threatening.

  16. kartar Says:

    Not only doesn’t Marcel have a uterus but I think we can be comfortable that he probably won’t reproduce. Oh oops. More personal invective. Shucks.

  17. Blue Says:

    I just found this site & for the record – you women rock! You are intelligent & above all (my favourite) articulate. Consider yourselves bookmarked!

  18. FaceLift Says:

    Don’t worry marcel. God doesn’t have a uteris either!

  19. Blue Says:

    Your God maybe…..

  20. weezil Says:

    Blue, not all of us are women!

  21. Blue Says:

    How does that change the sex of God? 🙂

  22. FaceLift Says:

    God doesn’t do sex. Doesn’t need the sex bits. One God see! No partner! No sex! Creatures do sex! Creators create! Simple really!

  23. Blue Says:

    Thanx – its all clear now.

  24. zoot Says:

    God doesn’t have a uteris either!
    Been visiting her have you? On what evidence do you base this crap?
    One God see! No partner!
    Genesis 1:26. Then God said, “Let us make man in our image”

  25. zoot Says:

    And by the way:
    If God doesn’t have a uterus then, under point six above, God’s opinion doesn’t count.

  26. megan Says:

    hi im megan,

    im doing an assignment for school about the abortion pill RU-486 and i was looking up the fact that our HEALTH minister has no medical training .. what does that say for australia .. dont get me wrong I love it but if our health minister is busy pionting the finger at “unscrupulous doctors” then why was this biased religious anti-abortionist MALE in charge of womens lives its ridiculis it could ruin thier potential, education,health,finnancial situations ect .. its a crock of shit .. i no im only 15 but seriously .. get a grip australia .. thank goodness he no longer has control .. because after all what gives him the right ? i mean im not saying all men are gonna strap on an ego and go off and run womens rights off a cliff some men in this blog have brains .. and for that i am thankfull and if u dont have an abortion what will u do go thru with the birth and give the child up for adoption leaving urself feeling guilty and with the child feeling lost and alone knowing you abandoned it but marcel you are religious full stop .. if u have a problem with abortion feel free to say so .. but for fucks sake .. if u ever become a doctor may god have mercy on ur soul so that u may show mercy unto women in need .. but .. ur not smart enough .. my mistake .. im not religious in any way shape or form i dont use god as a safety blanket to make me feel safe or to judge others for me .. ur going to hell weather u like in or not .. so dont worry .. i’ll meet u one day and i’ll give u a uteris and shove u back on earth as re-incarnation so u can go thru wat women go thru .. the worry and the pain of giving birth and u let me no if u for abortion then asshole ive lost friends to pregnancies because they didnt get an abortion and the child didnt survive either so u lose a loved one and get back to me. thanks for listening u guys are an awsome bunch of people and thnx for the info .. ta muchly

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