Nerds on George street…

I made it to Sydney Grogblogging III.

No amount of previous meetings makes these events any easier.  What do I say to someone who hasn’t visited my blog and does not know who I am. 

"Hi I’m Suki and I have an opinion."

"Who? What was that? Cindy was it?"

Thankfully there were minimal blind-date type uncomfortable moments.  Some guys I approached near our group were not bloggers and are probably still wondering what a blog is…oops.

Until Naomi arrived I was the only female blogger/commenter.  Whilst this is not problematic it is surprising. 

Perhaps a different type of meet-up without Grog, RSL club and late into a Saturday night in the Sydney CBD would attract more women bloggers and commenters.   

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those that helped me feel more at home by giving themselves girly nametags.

Thanks guys.


George street, Sydney. 

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13 Responses to “Nerds on George street…”

  1. roseg Says:

    I was going to go and chickened out at the last minute cos I imagined hundreds of young hip bloggers who all know each other and that it would be difficult to fit in/meet people. Will make a better effort next time.

  2. Suki Says:

    roseg please come next time.
    Yes there are the young and the hip, but by and large at these events we become
    with voices
    on legs
    holding drinks.

  3. Helen Says:

    (I’m in Melbourne) I approached my first grogblog with trepidation imagining I was going to be surrounded by twentysomethings with crumpler bags and tiny bits of facial hair.

    Not so – a lot of us are older than me!! (Not to mention names). Perhaps it’s a Melbourne thing?

  4. J Says:

    There was a grogblog on in Melbourne and I missed it??? Rats!

    They can be rather uncomfortable at first, but I find it nice to put a face to the type.

  5. Suki Says:

    Having been to a Melbourne blogger meetup I can say that they are at quieter venues with generally older (not to be confused with sedate) people – one rode his bicycle to the venue…come to think of it he was a bit wobblier when he left 😉

  6. Flashman Says:

    I’ll move/rename it to anything you like if it’ll convince more ladies to come.

    Sausage fest, etc.

  7. Suki Says:

    Thanks Flashman.
    I find it easier to meet new people when I can hear and be heard. I struggle to do do both in noisy clubs and pubs.

    In Melbourne we met for drinks at one place and a meal at another within walking distance and that was great. King street, Newtown would be a similar set up with pubs and reasonably priced restaurants to choose from.

    It made an evening of it with some bloggers and commenters bringing partners and friends.

  8. weezil Says:

    Flash, you can have all the ladies. You’ll find me hanging around with women. 😉

  9. a different suki Says:

    i get “cindy” and “susie” all the time. infuriating, no? i like your blog, and i like that there was a picture of a rat on the header when i clicked to it.

  10. JahTeh Says:

    I loved my first grogblogging and was the second oldest there which didn’t matter once we got talking. It is great to put a face to the name and it is better to have a meal then walk to the bar which we did although this might be easier in Melbourne.

  11. suzoz Says:

    Suki, I was interested to read this as the RSL and grog part is what put me off coming. And I’d have so liked to have met you! Let’s think about having a bloggers meet-up in a cafe, maybe on a weekend afternoon…?

  12. Suki Says:

    An afternoon,
    a cafe,
    – Yes please!

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