Coffee, conversation and Carbonara

As a result of a previous post and subsequent comments, susoz over at personal political has organised a place for any and all bloggers to feel welcome.

When: Saturday February 18, 3-5pm (to be precise)

Where: Bar Italia, 169-171 Norton Street, Leichhardt – out the back in the garden (unless it’s raining, in which case I suppose we’ll be somewhere inside, towards the back).

ID: This is a tricky one. How will we recognise each other? Suggestions?

See you there.   

long black please 

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7 Responses to “Coffee, conversation and Carbonara”

  1. weezil Says:

    I’ll wear a camel in my lapel.

  2. Blue Says:

    Do they do spirit coffee? I’m in SA 🙂

  3. weezil Says:

    …spirit coffee? Are we talking Irish style with a bit of whisky? Not sure about that, but I do know that Bar Italia’s award winning baristas make a very fine long black.

  4. armaniac Says:

    Nice idea, but I’ll have to wait for the next drinkies on burke street followed by pasta at the waiters club before catching up again. Bring the other keyboard gunner next time you are in Melba…. maybe we’ll throw something in Northcote…

  5. Suki Says:

    Can Melba cope with such fire power? 🙂

  6. armaniac Says:

    We will see your machiatto and raise you latte!

  7. JahTeh Says:

    Thanks for the invite and sorry I can’t be there in the flesh but in spirit. I really would like to meet you all.
    Never mind armaniac, I live in Melbourne and couldn’t get to Northcote without a cut lunch and a roadmap.

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