Let us become all grown up

Today elected men and women will be voting on whether the TGA or Tony Abbott should have the last word on whether a woman and her health care provider can have within their repertoire of choice, the drug RU486.

god, he/she with or without a uterus is not important today.

Today we will find out whether, in Australia, in 2006, our elected officials believe in paternalism or self-determination.

We will find out whether women have reproductive rights or not.

UPDATE: The Senate has voted 45 to 28 in favour of taking the decision away from the health minister.


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20 Responses to “Let us become all grown up”

  1. Anna Winter Says:

    Hi Suki

    I’m attempting to live-blog the debate as it happens: http://larvatusprodeo.net/2006/02/08/ru-ready-to-stoush/

  2. Andrew Bartlett Says:


    I thought the gender breakdown of the Senate vote was very telling:

    Male Senators: 21 in favour, 25 against.

    Female Senators: 24 in favour, 3 against.

    The House of Reps vote is still up in the air, and it’s also possible it might be amended with something similar to the amendments that got voted down in the Senate (only by 41 votes to 33). If that happened the amended Bill would have to go back to the Senate again for more consideration.

  3. Suki Says:

    Thank you Andrew.
    The gender split is telling.

  4. weezil Says:

    Suki, I love the toon you included. The only thing missing from the Viagra queue is the double line down the middle and a “Speed Limit 110km/h” sign.

  5. Suki Says:

    It’s already a great cartoon, but I do like your suggestion. 🙂

  6. Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony Says:

    R U having a lend of me, Tony?

    Well, as Suki just pointed out, The Senate has voted 45 to 28 in favour of taking the decision (to approve, or not, the use of medical abortion by RU486) away from the health minister. And may I say that I have never seen such an egregious pile of ste…

  7. Sylvia Says:

    And very good to see Kerry O’Brien work over Abbott on the 7.30 Report.

  8. Suki Says:

    Tony Abbott and the ABC is just not a fair match.

    He is no match for Tony Jones, Fran Kelly, Mark Colvin, Tony Eastley and Kerry O’Brien.

  9. Daily Flute » Nearly there for RU 486 Says:

    […] Elsewhere: For more on who voted which way (Stephen Conroy showing beyond all doubt he is a pommie git) have a look at Andrew Bartlett’s blog. Any surprise that the overwhelming majority of women voted for the bill? Even Amanda Vanstone did herself proud, and duckie gives a few more good reasons why women shoulld have the choice. Helen and Suki have a bit of stuff, but that seems to about it for the time being Email this link […]

  10. armaniac Says:

    See, this just proves that women oppose abortion!!

    Up to 1 in 7 may oppose it, apparently. A clear mandate for the gender neutrality of the right to “life” movement.

    (and wasn’t vandstone good for once?!)

  11. J Says:

    It is very very good news.

    The gender split on the vote is enough to show that men really shouldn’t have one.

  12. Blue Says:

    Did you see the T-shirt Natasha Stott-Despoja wore?

    It read: Get your catholicism away from my ovaries.

    I hope the bill makes it thru the House of Reps!

  13. Suki Says:

    Kerry Nettle also displayed her politics across her bazookas.
    I am so proud to be in the company of such pro-choice women.

  14. weezil Says:

    Blue, that’s not quite what the t-shirt reads. Kerry Nettle was wearing it a year ago.

    It is however, less than coincidental that Abbott would be offended over the t-shirt’s text just at the moment when he’s lost another control over Australian uteri.

    Damn those uppity women!

  15. marcel white Says:

    I find it distressing that the YWCA have forgotten what the ‘C’ stands for. The sctarian bigotry in this debate has been very high.

    It seems that the mantra of the pro abortion liberals is: Tolerance (except for Christian beliefs). Free speech (except for Christian leaders). Plurality (except for Chritain practice). And acceptance of (except of Christians).

    Kerry Nettle’s T Shirst was very offensive. However, I support the right of women and men to wear what they want on their bodies, but there is still no right to end the life of a child in the womb. Let’s hope and pray the House is more sensible…

  16. Suki Says:

    hmmm tolerance marcel,
    Where’s yours when it comes to where your rights end and mine start?

  17. weezil Says:

    Hear, hear, Suki.

    Marcel, for once I agree with Amanda Vanstone. We’re all pro-life. It’s only narrow minded authoritarians like you who are anti-choice.

    Get your terms right, Marcel- there’s no children in wombs and never has been. If it’s in a womb, it’s an embryo, zygote or a foetus.

    …And we are still waiting for you to leave your postal address so we can send used tampons and a (free!!) microscope to you; after all, the ‘children’ are piling up around here.

  18. Blue Says:

    Sorry for getting the wording wrong – I heard it second hand. I was pleasantly surprised at Amanda Vanstones words – I think she got it right.

  19. Anna Winter Says:

    Natasha wore a different shirt, I have one the same:

    “Abortion: An intensely personal decision made between a politician and his colleagues.”

  20. Suki Says:

    Thanks for the correction Anna. That’s a great message on two great feminists!

    Blue we all stand corrected.

    As for HoWARd and Abbott’s ‘we are so offended’ remark – they are very slow readers

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