43, primed, and inoffensive

Today at the ALP Campaign Launch in Brisbane, Mark Latham used the phrase "unless we change now" 5 times.
I would have happily heard the phrase a 6th time if somewhere, Mark had uttered a blunt and passionate attack acknowledging the blood on Howard’s hands and the consequences of his actions on our future when he knowingly sent Australia into an immoral role in an illegal war.
AND a recommitment to the troops out/home by Christmas promise.

Mark made a few oblique references to Howard, Truth and the War…

"We need a Prime Minister […] who tells them the truth about the great issues of war and peace. And when things go wrong, a Prime Minister who is big enough to take responsibility and not blame others.

[…] but undermined so tragically by the mistakes in Iraq.

When Mr Howard sent Australian troops to the war in Iraq he knew, on advice, that his decision would make Australia less safe in the war against terror. Now he says that he’ll keep Australian troops in Iraq until they have finished the job. But he can’t tell them what the job is."

Do I want a 43 year old in the prime of his life, offering this country the beliefs and values of a good society who is already acting with such equivocation?

No thank you.

Ignore your advisors and minders Mark, lose the Chamomile tea, gulp down 5 Espressos, Rant, Feel, Blog and get Opinionated like you mean it!

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