Learner drivers improve, experienced drivers deteriorate

The opinions and impressions of 24 people, young, old and in between, who are not yet committed to voting for either party, in a marginal seat in western Sydney shows that the The Government’s ‘Learner Latham’ campaign, which has been a ceaseless assault on Mark Latham’s character and fitness for office ever since he took on the ALP leadership, has grabbed…a little.
Taking the Coalition’s ‘Learner driver, steering a country’ analogy, overlaying the NSW Road Traffic Authority 2004 data, and dealing only with road accidents that result in fatalities,
let’s analyse this.

Typically, ‘Learner’ drivers are aged 17-20 years. There have been 47 fatalities in that age group so far this year.
Mark’s age group is 40-49. There have been 38 fatalities in that age group so far this year.
John Howard’s age group is 60-69. There have been 31 fatalities in that age group so far this year.

Whilst this may actually go against my initial point; it is interesting to note that the 70+ age group is highest of all.
This age cohort is represented 58 times so far this year.

What this tells us is that the Prime Minister who is getting older and older by the day is lurching towards being totally ‘unfit to drive.’

Unthinkable as another term is; let’s distract ‘driver Howard’ a little with:

  1. the TRUTH the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing, but the TRUTH
  2. the Greenest Senate ever
  3. President Bush’s defeat in November 2004
  4. a battle for the Leadership *oops wheel
  5. his colleagues that call him ‘the rodent’

and John is going the wrong way on the M2..
…Dazed and confused as all the lights on the dashboard glow.

(Delivered in a Texas drawl)
"Can I see your license Sir?
Can you explain why you were following so closely behind?"

Driver Disqualified: "Failing to maintain a safe following distance"

Mark Latham may have limited ‘highway experience’ however, statistically he will just keep getting better and better behind the wheel of the hybrid vehicle.
Let’s let him drive.


By 10 pm on 09 October 2004, the majority had made it clear that they had put Howard back in.
Welcome to the inevitable gridlock you uninspired decision makers.

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