Janette, occupying a redundant timeline

Mrs. Howard says her husband is not a liar.

Smart woman!
Janette is sensing the currency that the Howard Lies campaign is having on parts of the electorate and she is nervous. By making a statement to defend her husband, she is protecting her own interests.

Janette is under no illusions as to her worth in this society. Under her husband and his leadership Australia has not grown into a progressive society. In fact, the Liberal coalition government has moved Australia’s culture and society significantly backwards.

Frankly, I’m surprised to see that Janette is even leaving her kitchen.
As an aging woman, I’m sure she wished she had read The Female Eunuch and The Change by Germaine Greer.
If she had, then what is happening to her and many other women as they mature and are only seen as wives, widows or grandmothers would not come as a surprise. Poor Janette…not too many options under honest John’s Prime Ministership…let’s see:

  1. not valuable as breeding stock
  2. not likely to be a mistress
  3. only value is as a wife

Janette an old piece of fluff wedded to an old fart.

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