Now shake hands you two!

The problem with not addressing a deep-seated issue between two people who are in a close relationship with each other to the satisfaction of both of the people in that relationship is that the deep-seated issue does not disappear – it just gets worse. So, ‘shaking hands’ is really just a short-term response to the discomfort or perceived impasse of the issue.

I’m predicting Costello will use the popular tool of the oppressed and powerless – sabotage and passive resistance.

This should be interesting!


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12 Responses to “Now shake hands you two!”

  1. weezil Says:

    This bit of Stoush really is much better ‘reality TV’ than Big Bother.

    However, the speed at which Petey lay down and rolled over makes me think he rather likes being turkey-slapped by Uncle John.

  2. The duck is lame » The Road to Surfdom Says:

    […] There is more sense in this post by Suki than in virtually all the media commentary on the Costello-Howard leadership battle (let’s call it what it is). As Mark says, Glenn Milne and Gerard Henderson were just about incoherent on Lateline last night. Take these couple of comments from Mr Henderson: I think there is a possibility that the Prime Minister might go, but only a possibility. There is a possibility he might stay. […]

  3. Ron Says:

    Love the pic, Suki.

  4. Dave Says:

    The whole Australian electorate has liked being turkey-slapped by Uncle John, haven’t they…

  5. Benno Says:


    So, more relationship counseling, you should start charging Suki. Or write a self-help book, some scam or other.

  6. Graham Bell Says:

    Fair crack of the whip! I can’t speak for the 20 million or so other Australians ….. BUT this is one lone Australian voter who did not like getting turkey-slapped by Fraser’s Treasurer, who does not like getting turkey-slapped by the Pacific Puppy-dog and who will not put up with being turkey-slapped by Australia’s worst ex-primeminister. No bl*ody way!

  7. Dave Says:

    OK, an overstatement. I apologise. However, with NoWorkChoices (a shining example of Howard’s deceptive and shrouded agenda) and now this internal instability coupled with the all-too-often “Um, I didn’t know/wasn’t there” utterances … SURELY, enough of our fellow citizens will consciously decide that enough of the Liar Party is enough by the next election, won’t they?

  8. Graham Bell Says:

    No apology needed. 🙂 Nobody gives a ratsar*e now about who lied and who didn’t; they just want this dodgy mob gone as soon as possible. Who is waiting for the next election? The Governor-General had better leave a bit of space in his current appointments diary for “PM’s resignation” and for “invitation to form new government” and for “photos with new ministry”.

  9. Diozpora Says:

    Yes… bring it on. More bloodsports, please.

    I don’t know how Costello stands it. Having made his play and lost, it seems he’s a stunned mullet. Why doesn’t he just spit the dummy !

    Not that I have any wish to see any of them in power … not Howard, Costello .. certainly not Abbott the Foeticide, nor Alex “Fishnet” Downer nor the worst of the lot – Smarmy, Greasy, Smirking, Gold-Plated Malcolm Turnbull.

    It’s a sad day when the best man in the class might be Brendan Nelson.

  10. weezil Says:

    Diozpora says:

    Its a sad day when the best man in the class might be Brendan Nelson.

    Egad… ‘Prime Minister Stud’ just goes nowhere with me.

    I also want to see a Costello dummyspit.

  11. phil Says:

    The only space the GG needs to leave in his diary is “move out and let Howards in”. Of course, this is the residence that they’ll want the keys to.

  12. weezil Says:

    *sigh* We should have cloned Sir William while we had the chance…

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