We are human! resources.

In the current political climate of WorkChoices and tolerance fatigue, can I just underline that underneath our uniforms, we remain human beings deserving of dignity, respect and a living wage.

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4 Responses to “We are human! resources.”

  1. weezil Says:

    Labour isn’t a commodity, but you’ll never be able to convince Little Johnny, at least until those screwdriver hugs start taking on a slightly less playful tone.

  2. Ron Says:

    I have ALWAYS hated that term – human resources – and it is dehumanising. I remember when I first heard it used and felt that I was no better than a stapler or filing cabinet.

    It is bloody offensive.

  3. Suki Says:

    Sad thing is Ron, we probabaly matter less than the inanimate resources and are expected to perfrom more…

  4. Brownie Says:

    I studied for a business degree once, and I must say the unit called ‘Human Resource Management’ was disgusting in every way.
    May I commend to you the recent Elizabeth Wynhausen book about women in dead end jobs. A scary read.

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