CPSU coffee leaves bitter taste for Lindsay’s incumbent

On Friday, as a thoughtful start to the last day of my working week, I was treated to a delicious cup of coffee courtesy of the your rights at work mob.

It seems that the sitting member for the seat of Lindsay– Jackie Kelly is really angry that the Unions are active in her area and she has been forced to publish 20 four-page liftout newsletters in three Penrith newspapers featuring photographs of herself with the Liberal Party’s new candidate for Lindsay, Karen Chijoff.

“There are certain benefits of incumbency and when the unions are mounting such a dishonest campaign, as they have done on WorkChoices, I have an obligation to set the record straight. I’ve spent 12 years driving unemployment down in my electorate and I would not have voted for WorkChoices if it wasn’t continuing to contribute to full employment. I’m telling my community they are being told garbage about WorkChoices by the unions and Labor.”- Jackie Kelly

Now if Jackie had at least offered to bring back a few baguettes, I might have been more sympathetic to her protestations that she has put 12 years of hard work into the electorate.


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6 Responses to “CPSU coffee leaves bitter taste for Lindsay’s incumbent”

  1. weezil Says:

    Baguettes? I would have thort Jackie would have brought us home some nice RWC souvenirs… couple of sweaty ruggers’ jerseys, perhaps?

    Maybe she gave them to Karen Chijoff. You should ask! Inquiring minds want to know. 😀

  2. Suki Says:

    It’s clear she did not bring back holiday gifts to her staffers or they may have been a bit more willing to keep her secret… 🙂

    I will be voting HoWARd et al out!

  3. Graham Bell Says:

    Saw CPSU and immediately thought “Communist Party of the Soviet Union”.

    So that’s where Howard got his industrial relations policies for his Soviet Australia …. straight from a seance with Comrade Leonid Brezhnev.

    Of course! The widening gap between the official propaganda and what is really happening. The increasingly bureaucratized and crumbling economy. The abyss between the lifestyle of the nomenklatura and that of the citizenry. The housing shortages. The oppressed workforce and the consequent illusionary “increases” in productivity. It’s all there. It’s all so blindingly obvious.

  4. Suki Says:

    The irony of all this Graham is that unions such as the Commonwealth Public Sector Union (CPSU) are the repository of the scary union bosses that the J Ho’s (HoWARd and Hockey) try to terrify us with…

    -Oh I see. The fear is that they bring stimulants such as caffeine and chocolate to the workplace. Next we’ll hear unions are drug pushers.

    I’m so ready to just vote!

  5. krypto Says:

    such merciless treatment of the population didn’t bode too well for the French aristocracy, nor the Russian Tsars, or in fact anywhere else this kind of elitist attempt to quash the rights of the working classes has been tried.
    Howard has a date with Madamme Guillotine, and I for one don’t intend to miss a nanosecond of it. Roll on November 24. Vive La Revolution!!!

  6. Graham Bell Says:

    Up here in the Central Queensland bush and not far from all those coal mines, it was poorly negotiated FTA, WorkChoices, the threat of worse AWAs post-election and the very real fear of wages being cut in half under a new Howard government that turned the new electorate of Flynn from a notionally safe Nationals seat into such a cliff-hanger.

    Strangely, Rudd helped give credibility to the silly anti-union campaign by sacking the ALP candidate [a union official] for the western Queensland seat of Maranoa. Wonder if Guley would have given the Nationals Bruce Scott the heave-ho had his candidacy been allowed to continue?

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