Grogblogging 2004

On a humid, rain soaked spring night in Sydney Grogblogging 2004 unfurled.

I liked unfurling.
Furled and unfurled near me were:

  1. moo cow
  2. completely biased
  3. darp
  4. will type for food
  5. deltoid
  6. weezil from s’truth? strewth!
  7. georg from psephite
  8. darkie from psephite
  9. minty twat 🙂
  10. daily flute
  11. ian
  12. mark
  13. peter
  14. dave from fulmination of thought
  15. flashman
  16. agent fare evader

Pandagate shirts were popular and gorgeous. More than one person suffered from the inevitable blogspot identity confusion…

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