1981 barefoot and pregnant. 2004 cashed up and exercising choice.

In a new 20-year report Diversity and Change in Australian Families
by the Australian Institute of Family Studies it has been found that since 1981, the role of women within the family has changed significantly.

"Since 1981 there has been a decline in the percentage of traditional male breadwinner couple families and a rise in female breadwinner families. In 2002, 81% of men in couple families were the main breadwinners, compared with 91% in 1981."

"There is still evidence of the view in much of the community that for women, children should be a more important priority than employment."

I can tell by the quote above that Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne and John Howard were interviewed.
Unfortunately, these men also have the power to take us (as women) back to the lack of self-determination in the 1950’s.

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