Narcissism and paranoia

As the stories gush out of Latham’s gaping mouth, I am thinking that the question I should have asked was “how do we manage people suffering with Narcissistic personality disorders and persecutory paranoia in bureaucratic structures?”

The lack of empathy for everyone exposed by his need for a “notice me” behaviour is profound, and only superseded by his belief that almost everyone is involved in a systematic “bury Latham” plot.

As Latham’s rant becomes spew, any hope of insight gained by the ALP into distructive, unhelpful or flawed structures, policies, and cultures becomes more and more remote.
longtime waiting.

Enough about you and more about me

Section of Echo and Narcissus painting by John William Waterhouse 1903

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2 Responses to “Narcissism and paranoia”

  1. mgk: Machine Gun Keyboard Says:

    […] If you haven’t read Suki before, you’re missing one of the best women’s issues blogger in Australia.  Suki is a mental health professional and thus has unique insights to politics and particularly to politicians. Usually short & sweet in her posts, you can count on Suki to do the deeper analysis and to cut to the quick with her wry wit. When she does write longer essays, read carefully- she’s got something to say. Hypocrites beware- Suki bites! […]

  2. Crystal Says:

    OMG ‘a mental health professional’ and Brownie has been arguing about the finer points of BPD’s. damn I bet you feel silly now Brownie, and you are correct about Suki being ‘sweet’ weez – she could have trashed Brownie in print and didn’t. This new site is ultra stylish and the learner trike pic is adorable. bless her and all who sail on her. xxx

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