Longtime waiting

I believe the ALP will be waiting a long time before they become something remotely close to electable. 
Clearly they were in trouble before this latest round of Latham-inspired damage.  

The furore created by the information contained in the Latham diaries has had me wondering how bureaucratic structures manage dissent, diversity and different opinions.
How do they create mechanisms that allow for new players with different ideas, however improbable and whacky, to be heard, let alone debated and *gasp* implemented?

Generally, people who speak out against the structures, policies, and cultures in their workplaces do so at the expense of their long-term careers.
A person who does not speak out manages whatever emotional investment they have (if they have any) and resigns. Potentially taking all their fabulous, innovative and fresh ideas with them.

Julia Gillard seems to be getting a whiff of an answer…

As much as Latham’s venting is irritating; the alternative is silence-as-you-go which reveals nothing, exposes nothing and has the potential to change nothing.

This hurts me more than it hurts you

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