Bearing Tony’s belief-based babies

Why would the Health Minister oppose a health response that reduced the need for surgery?
Because he operates on, and is informed by belief.
When Tony with his belief-based views comes in contact with evidence which does not feed into his belief, that evidence is dismissed, diminished or ignored.
Evidence becomes the enemy and so do those that bring it or advocate for it.

Tony Abbott should be removed as Health Minister for allowing his beliefs to override evidence. And in so doing, he rejects outright one of the least invasive health choices available to Australia’s women (and the men who support them) who have experienced contraceptive failure.

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6 Responses to “Bearing Tony’s belief-based babies”

  1. mgk: Machine Gun Keyboard Says:

    […] If you haven’t read Suki before, you’re missing one of the best women’s issues blogger in Australia.  Suki is a mental health professional and thus has unique insights to politics and particularly to politicians. Usually short & sweet in her posts, you can count on Suki to do the deeper analysis and to cut to the quick with her wry wit. When she does write longer essays, read carefully- she’s got something to say. Hypocrites beware- Suki bites! […]

  2. JT Says:

    On my wish list is a virtual reality machine for men to experience childbirth and then and only then are they allowed to comment or make decisions about our bodies.

  3. Suki Says:

    Good idea JT.
    Let’s make sure it can also simulate multiple births!

  4. JT Says:

    For some real fun, let’s throw in a bit of endometriosis and post-natal depression.

  5. Suki Says:

    We’re too late for the PND JT.
    PND is already being treated in men.
    Having said that, men still don’t have the right to make a reproductive choice for a woman.

  6. Suki Has An Opinion » Blog Archive » Unfit for duty Says:

    […] These belief-based men – Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne, Ron Boswell, Barnaby Joyce, Steven Fielding, Alex Hawke, Fred Nile, Peter Slipper, Alan Cadman, Joe Hockey and Brian Harradine just cling together like a sinister sticky, dusty, paternalistic web of oppression of a the uterus which just happens not to be housed anywhere near them.     […]

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