Nationals don’t believe women’s rights extend to the womb.

Pathologising a woman’s hollow muscular organ in the pelvic cavity is nothing new. But now it seems the Nationals in the Senate see the womb as being completely outside the body of a woman. As such, she has no rights to its use, let alone an expectation of access to abortion-on-demand.

“It’s about seeing everything in the prism of women’s rights – particularly women’s reproductive rights – and it’s the first king hit, it’s the first test for those of us who believe men and women are equal. This motion is inoffensive, progressive, constructive and supported by government – if you’re going to vote that down, then bring on the fight guys.”- Senator Stott Despoja.

A woman’s right to control her reproduction is within the gamut of her human rights.

Right now, in Australia, across all states and territories, an abortion is lawful if performed to prevent serious danger to the woman’?s physical or mental health. The mental health clause can be satisfied by a woman stating that she is not able or willing to continue with the pregnancy.
Australian women expect this option be available to them as part of their reproductive rights.
Ron and Barnaby, do not mess with me, Natasha or Lyn.
We will not be silenced on our reproductive rights as women or grrrls!


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