Supersizing the Compassion combo…

Today Kim stated a vision for the party. He says:

“We believe you can have a modern dynamic economy with compassion.”

Here’s my list Kim:

  1. Compassion for Iraqi civilians – Troops out.
  2. Compassion for scared pregnant women (young and old) when they seek termination services – expand access to Abortion services and the morning after pill.
  3. Compassion for the environment – Sign Kyoto.
  4. Compassion for Asylum seekers – welcome all with no need for TPV’s.
  5. Compassion for refugees – expand immigration.
  6. Compassion for freedom of speech – A Bill of Rights.
  7. Compassion for dissenting voices – repeal the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill [No. 2] 2002 (“the ASIO bill”) and promote tolerance.
  8. Compassion for Medicare – embrace, fund and respect free public healthcare for all.
  9. As much compassion as a wealthy society such as Australia can provide to all it’s citizens – reinvigorate Public Housing, raise the dollars for pensions such as DSP, PPS and PPP.


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