"Recently, top officials of the Bush Administration have changed the way that they are talking about terrorism. They have stopped talking about a war on terrorism. Thinking it too narrowly defined, Administration officials now speak of a struggle against global extremism. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld describes America’s policies as a global struggle against the enemies of freedom, the enemies of civilization."

It was President Bush who called the illegal war in Iraq the war on terror.

"A war between good and evil, Bush called it. A war to save the world."

In recent days, the global war on terror which had been conveniently shortened to GWOT in bureaucrat-speak has been shelved in favour of the global struggle against violent extremism or G-SAVE"

What will HoWARd say?
Will he parrot Bush?
Will he shift the rhetoric from war using soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen?
Will war be replaced with negotiations? Using diplomats, mediators and conflict resolution counselors?

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