Our selectively deaf PM

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and General George Casey are saying that US troops could be home as early as springtime in America. Does that mean that our troops can be home for Easter as well?
HoWARd is very silent on the issue of a season for our troops to be out of Iraq.
Is this because it suits him to keep us alert and alarmed. Considering instead a national security summit to keep us all from feeling un-safe?
You bet.
HoWARd craves power. Even the dim glow from his proximity to Bush’s radiance is too seductive to extinguish.
It suits HoWARd to continue to milk the popularity of troops to stay in Iraq "until the job is done"

"In the poll of 1403 people, 61% agreed with the statement that "Australian troops should stay until the job is done", while 35% agreed that the troops "should be brought home immediately".

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