Worker feels used and underpaid


Cameron Meadows a worker who appears in the WorkChoices advertisement, said he was misled into believing the ads were about health and safety. There is no health and safety message in these ads, in fact the changes the government is proposing are a direct threat to a worker’s mental health, as they will be forced to negotiate a work/life balance.

A spokesman for the Workplace Relations Minister Kevin Andrews says the worker signed a release so his image could be used in an advertising campaign. Andrew’s position is therefore ‘no rights, you signed, fuck off.’
This is indicative of the spirit and intent of WorkChoices.

If this is how the government does business under current legislation, how much more common will the phrase “worker feels used and underpaid” become?

Australian workers can look forward to first world conditions and pay
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4 Responses to “Worker feels used and underpaid”

  1. joe2 Says:

    Suki, Jon Faine of Aunty, confirmed that 10 actors were employed for the ads,as well. Each picked up 6000 dollars for half a days work. The bloke who leaked the story, sat around and was not used.
    Bad for Cameron,who was lied too and received bugger all. A perfect example of the nonsense we are expected to endure.

  2. Suki Says:

    Endure is the word joe2,
    I did a post on 09 October where the expected cost to the taxpayer was 12 million, then it went to 15, now it’s at 40.
    I find the entire exercise is beyond acceptable, let alone ethical.

  3. joe2 Says:

    The Faine story was picked up on todays,”Insiders”.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if the laughing jackals got off their bottys and checked out who the advertising agency was that received this bonus? No bitch with actors getting fair rates when work is limited. 6000 dollars is twice the pay for half a days work. A doctor drops in with his wife ,an actress, and is asked to stay. Picks up ,the same, despite not being needed.
    Can you smell a rat?

  4. Suki Says:

    I can’t stomach the TV ads.
    The spin is phenomenal. They were in almost every ad break during the ARIA’s.
    They are clearly targeting a demographic there.

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