Duck not the only fare for HoWARd

The poultry industry has called for John Howard to eat duck in public to highlight the message that Australian poultry is safe from bird flu.

John Millington, the manager of Luv-A-Duck at Nhill in Victoria, says the Prime Minister should follow the lead of other countries in reassuring consumers.

“The prime minister in Turkey, he ate chicken salad at a traditional dinner to break the daily fast of ramadan, and that was really to show his confidence in the control efforts by the authorities in Turkey. So what we need now is our prime minister to do the same thing. Sit up heartily to a duck dinner.”


While our PM sits down to one formerly feathered feast, why not two?

I propose that a more suitable dish to be served to our PM is crow.

Adding weight to the groaning table of his statements that have been proved wrong is WorkChoices and the Anti-terrorism Bill 2005.

“Truth is absolute, truth is supreme, truth is never disposable in national political life” – John Howard, 25 August 1995.




eating crow

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5 Responses to “Duck not the only fare for HoWARd”

  1. Brownie Says:

    . . . hours later, after trailing the bird to World Wide Words, I now know the origin of ‘eating umble pie’. Thank you Ms Suki!
    (PS the guy with the bird site has gruesome stuff. gruesome.)

  2. Suki Says:

    I couldn’t resist the image Brownie.
    It expresses my rage toward our PM (and his government and their policies and behaviours) so much better than every page of a lexicon only devoted to angry words.

  3. JahTeh Says:

    There’s a catch 22 to this. We only have an anti-viral because we can’t make a vaccine until it goes human to human. When it goes human to human it’s too late. Love the latest, get off a plane with the wrong temperature and it’s into the nearest hanger for 7 day isolation. I knew there’d be a reason for all those empty detention centres. Scientists aren’t too happy about the Americans resurrecting the 1918 strain either.

  4. Too Right Says:

    Given your obsession with our esteemed PM, it must be really annoying having to remember to hold the shift key down to write “WAR” into every use of “Howard” in your rants.

    Full marks for originality though!

  5. Suki Says:

    Not mine sorry Too Right,
    First saw it at a rally in 2003…


    Did you know that after the introduction of the GST, Bill Leak added 10% more bottom lip to HoWARd every time he drew him? Bill’s rationale was that if the GST can put 10% on everything then the PM’s bottom lip is not exempt.
    Me and Bill – shift key-holding and drawing attention to honest Johnnie HoWARd.

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