HoWARd says NO to craic

The video footage showed many empty seats when our man honest john spoke in Ireland. You wouldn’t think that our PM would go all the way to the Díospóireachtaí Parlaiminte to talk about terrorism and the need for everyone to do their part for the illegal war in Iraq, but he did.

This is a snippet of what he said:

“We live in a world that confronts the scourge and challenge of terrorism. In the fight against terrorism Ireland and Australia are united. None of us, no matter where we live or what attitude we take on individual political and foreign affairs issues, can regard ourselves as immune from terrorism. Irish citizens died in the World Trade Centre. Australian citizens have died in various places as a result of terrorist attack…” – HoWARd at the Dáil Debate.

Read the entire speech here if you want more cringe!


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4 Responses to “HoWARd says NO to craic”

  1. Brownie Says:

    he wouldn’t have uttered the word ‘terrorist’ in Belfast.

  2. Suki Says:

    Yep Brownie, he did, but he did refrain from saying potato and leprechauns.

    Our johnny…eek, egads and all that!

  3. Graham Bell Says:

    Who was the wag who did that film ad? Composition and Saddam’s eyes are perfect!

    I would like to thank the members of the Oireachtas for their patience, courtesy and forbearance when that foreigner delivered his speech to them and for thinking no worse of the people of Australia for it haveing been delivered …..

  4. Xeno Says:

    Ah, our beloved Lying Rodent

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