Hurdling Girdles

I have been watching Kevin Rudd intently and frankly, I have been concerned about some of his statements.

Today, all that changed, when I heard how forcefully and naturally Kevin spoke about his wife- Therese Rein, her business, women, work and the realities of interpersonal relationships in the year 2007.

“The reality we are dealing with here is this is the age of professional women who run their own companies who have their own lives and are not simply the appendages of middle-aged men.”-the PM in waiting.

I had no idea I would be so pleased to hear this level of sincerity, in what, sadly, seems to be a radical view of women in society, coming from the mouth of a politician.

I guess it takes me back to the insufferable ritual the meet and greet with our current PM and his wife used to be. Thankfully my current work is nowhere near as ‘sexy’ as previous roles, and I am spared the cringe-inducing spectacle that is the PM and Mrs HoWARd.

At every meeting with Mrs Janette Howard, she was an insipid, beige-y, girdled, dour, lightweight, appendage-like chore of a woman.

Kevin Rudd is all the more attractive, now that I know that he is the appendage of Therese Rein.


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6 Responses to “Hurdling Girdles”

  1. Harry Says:

    This man is wants to be our next prime minister yet his wife has a company that is the third largest contractor with the Australian federal government job net work… This has got to be insider trading at its best. Rudd would obviously have vital government information and knowledge that he would be using to assist his wifes company. (Unfair trading) How does Rudd expect any one to trust him? There is talk of his wife selling her company because there could be a conflict of interest. Well there is already a conflict of interest and the matter should be investigated .This is an indication of what is to come if Rudd becomes the Australian prime Minster, Rudd can not be trusted to run the country.

  2. joe2 Says:

    Assistant Treasurer Peter Dutton was of course quick to blow up a new balloon, in defense of his own ‘beloved’, who had been wronged by that dangerous “radical”. Who will, of course, destroy the world as we know it.

    “He referred basically to stay-at-home mums as being an appendage to their husbands,” he said and further…..

    “I think that’s an offence to all stay-at-home mums. My wife’s tertiary educated, she’s a professional woman and she’s taken a decision to stay at home and look after our children as tens of thousands of mothers do across the nation.

    “I think Mr Rudd should apologise to all stay-at-home mums around the country who he sees as worthless.”

    Hahaha.. these blokes are so ordinary and obvious. If there was a skills shortage, which I do not believe anyway, it is most obvious amongst Liberal Party Parliamentarians.

    Remember, it is they, who are dragging single mothers/fathers, on welfare, back into the workforce , whether they like it or not, because it will be good for productivity.

    Please, a tear or three, for Ms Dutton, women most slighted.

  3. Suki Says:

    Great point joe2,

    Curious that Ms Dutton- woman most slighted, has not made her own statement.

    A snap-poll of women I know has them universally supporting the PM-in-waiting and this comment regarding women’s rights and realities in 2007.

  4. Suki Says:


    Do you have much knowledge of a how a government tender process works?

    Did you think that the former Minister for Aging- Santo Santoro could keep his job?

    Government tenders are highly scrutinised. Most notably by the relevant industry itself as powerful business’s miss out and want to know why.

    Having said that, if you have specific knowledge of fraud or corruption, contact your local member and outline your case. They will advocate on your behalf to have Therese Rein’s company tender application looked into.

  5. weezil Says:

    ABC reports Rein is to sell her Australian operations.

    “There is nothing that I want to do which complicates the decision for the Australian people at the next election,” [Rein] said.

    If that ain’t LUV, I don’t know what is.

  6. weezil Says:

    Harry wrote:

    Rudd can not be trusted to run the country.

    As if the guy who sent Aussies to fight in Bush’s private oil war and who wants to make you and your kids work for Guangzhou level pay and conditions is trustworthy…

    Rudd’s been totally above board with every lame challenge from HoWARd. I trust this man implicitly- and so do about 60-odd percent of voters.

    I believe the electorate have already made up their collective minds… but it’s good to see someone out there sticking up for the millionaires, Harry. 😆

    The Aussie battlers HoWARd is screwing with WorkChoices have coughed up $18.4 million to keep Johnny & Jannie in palatial homes with excellent wine cellars.

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