Opprobrious Growth

I keep wondering why the coalition’s Go for Growth campaign hardly ever has HoWARd and Costello doing a duet.

On Thursday- 08/11/07, I got a glimpse as to one explanation of this lack of ‘Go for Growth’ as a plural. The Coalition’s treasurer- Peter Costello was interviewed by Fran Kelly on her ABC Radio National Breakfast show. From the moment she introduced him as potentially Australia’s future Prime Minister, Costello was at his worst (or best, if like me you want him to help himself be totally unelectable). We all know he is tetchy and surly, but with Fran, his insufferable, misogyny and nastiness really surfaced. He wasn’t going to have any of her probing questions regarding a hubristic comment he made in an interview with fellow ABC Radio journalist Jon Faine.

“Fran, Fran don’t you worry about questions he (Jon Faine) asked me, they’re all on the transcript. You ask me your questions. ” – Source

The Liberal party knows that Costello is not a hit with the chicks and has deliberately reduced his visibility and is not mentioning the succession.

Women cannot bring themselves to vote for a government where Costello may eventually be in charge. It is evident that Peter Costello palpably dislikes strong, smart and powerful women. He is the unpleasant growth that we are supposed to Go for. However, we have booked an appointment to remove the bunion, wart and itchy verruca.


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11 Responses to “Opprobrious Growth”

  1. weez Says:

    So what does Ruddock rate? Cancerous lesion? ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Suki Says:

    Who? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I see there hasn’t been a recent sighting of the mostly-dead one.
    Necrophiliacs too, are being forgotten in this campaign…

  3. Colin Campbell Says:

    Smart move to sideline Ruddock, probably the most odious politician of this generation. Just bringing him out yesterday to defend gross violations of the law by ASIO officers was probably worth a couple of marginal seats for Labor.

  4. weez Says:

    Probably so, Colin.

    I wonder if it’s somehow a violation of law to allow a mostly dead guy to continue as the F/AG.

  5. joe2 Says:

    Suki , an interesting part of this Fran /pete/jon discussion that may end up as yet another postscript, next week, was Faines’ claim that….

    ….Tip told him there would not be an increase in interest rates before the next election on cup day, guaranteed, but off air…and, ‘it will not happen, kind of thing’.

    Just sayin’ that something else might have been happening in that little RN encounter and let us just hope we are celebrating this time next week. Chheers

  6. Suki Says:

    Costello just can’t help himself can he joe2.

    Your information suggests that he’s prepared to sound like an insufferable prick to the RN listenership, when in fact he would have been better off to make a private call to Jon Faine.

    Can this man contain his ego and perhaps learn a thing or two?

  7. weez Says:

    Can this man contain his ego

    Nope- and the bitterness has yet to begin. Cowstello has been hosed in the worst possible way- not only is he not going to be PM when HoWARd exits (tnx to Maxine), he’s going to be leader of an opposition full of impotent lamers with an awful lot to be held to account for.

  8. joe2 Says:

    Hey, Suki i found a link to make it clearer what i was trying to say and agree totally with your comment….”Costello just can’t help himself can he joe2″…. Indeed, none of them can help themselves.

    It really looks like Costello/Howard were really certain that interest rates were not going to go up during the campaign…quite a costly mistake and an indication that they really believed they could stare down the Reserve Bank.

    Faine sprung Costello on the basis that his comments, were not off the record quite some time earlier, and became relevant when the rates actually went up. It’s a bit complicated but left him even more grumpy when he had to face up to the questions from Fran.

    It’s is pretty clear that, with the exception of Alan Ramsey, media let yet another minister off the hook. Compare that with what they did to Garret. See ya…


  9. Suki Says:

    Thanks for the article joe2.

    Clearly, the bigger picture is more serious than the misogyny (or 51%) of the population.
    The exchange reveals that Costello is treating 100% of the population with disdain and mendacity.

  10. Ann O'Dyne Says:

    Some of us can still remember that Costello and his spouse took the Publisher of Bob Ellis’ book to court and were successful in having the published books pulped because Ellis revealed a fact which made Tanya ‘Ankles’ Costello look bad. She got several hundreds of thousands of dollars in ‘damages’ but it does not appear that Tan has spent it on cosmetic surgery.

  11. joe2 Says:

    Now, if you look at it Suki, the next possible PM and Hopefully Equal Other, will be a most interesting mix.

    Bob Brown deserves the job on experience alone.
    Julia Gillard for being so wise.

    Still, anybody is better than Howard.

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