Piercing silence over at Karen’s place.

I drive past Karen Chijoff’s electoral office in St Mary’s most mornings and most evenings. This morning at 0905 there was no sign of anyone. Granted it is always too early for the tattoo and piercing shop next door to Karen, but usually, and certainly in the run up to the election, Karen has her posters out and the place is buzzing with activity. This photo shows her office at 1830. It had not opened all day.


Who would have thought that such an unassuming little shopfront on Queen Street in St Mary’s could deliver such a monumental gift to the Australian Labor party candidate of Lindsay- David Bradbury and perhaps a decisive win for Labor federally.

A little over a week ago John and Janette HoWARd spent two days in the seat of Lindsay as part of the coalition plan to win the election one marginal seat at a time.

“Labor was making a mistake to assume it would win Lindsay, which has a margin of 2.9 per cent. They’ve tended to say, well, this one will go into our list, simply because the very popular sitting member is retiring. The Labor Party is taking Lindsay for granted. I want to say they’re mistaken in doing that.” – John HoWARd

Our PM was uncharacteristically tetchy and ill-disciplined today with this response to questions from Michelle Grattan, regarding the unfolding evidence that the culprits behind the fake flyers of Lindsay, were the husbands of the retiring and aspiring Liberal party candidate of Lindsay.

“What more can I do? I’ve condemned it, I’ve dissociated myself from it, I think it is stupid, it’s offensive, it’s wrong, it’s untrue, I mean for heaven’s sake get a sense of proportion.”- John HoWARd

He’s right you know.

We should vote HoWARd out because he took us into- and yet keeps us in- an illegal war in Iraq.

Then, in the spirit of proportionality, we’ll next see him in The Hague.

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4 Responses to “Piercing silence over at Karen’s place.”

  1. weez Says:

    George Megalogenis reckons Jihad Jackie and the pathetic Chijoffs have handed not just Lindsay but many other marginal electorates with high numbers of first-gen migrants to KRudd.

    ‘Landslide’ doesn’t begin to describe the humiliation about to be visited on Libs; HoWARd’s racism chickens are coming home to roost in flock upon flocking flock. Howard, Costello, Turnbull… gone, poof.

    Oh, I’m giggling like a schoolgirl. 😆

  2. rl Says:

    Leave Karen alone, I think her she was set up

  3. weez Says:

    OK, so Jackie Kelly’s and Karen Chijoff’s husbands, both longtime Liberal Party activists, along with NSW Liberal Party state executive member Jeff Egan, set up poor innocent Karen?


    Oh man, I needed a good lung clearing guffaw. 😆

    Hey man, I got a really cool bridge for sale next to an opera house. Yours for a mere million bucks! Bring cash, small notes. 😀

    BTW, did you hear that the word ‘gullible’ is about to be removed from the OED? Apparently too few people know what it means. 😆

  4. Suki Says:

    “she was set up”

    Set up by who rl?

    My money is on Jackie Kelly.
    She seems the likely culprit as she knows all the players involved, the Risograph is likely her resource and she has form.

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