Objectionable objectification or really, really crude

The headline in this news report would suggest that Lara Bingle is behaving unacceptably. See, Lara is a model and Greg Bird is a footballer.

And in one sense she is.  She cannot or will not convince her employer- Priscilla model management, or Greg Bird’s employer- Shark’s Rugby league club to use the words ‘sexual harassment.’  However, this media-savvy woman has now told more people than would have known if the respective employers would have supported her.  

Lara stated that Gregs’s SMS efforts to her were "really, really crude messages." She thought if she did not respond to Bird’s text messages they would stop. Poor Lara, uncomfortable every time a message arrived on her mobile.  As it was, five or six more really, really crude messages did arrive. Lara did send one txt back. What if it read: 

"Greg u r really crude STOP txtg me."

Until women name up sexual harassment for what it is, some men, and their respective employers will think it’s acceptable.

I’ll do it for her. 

"Lara, you are a young, beautiful model and you trade desirability (and orienteering skills).  You are also protected by law from harassing/stalking behaviour.  Ignore all the minimisation (and possibly ‘you asked for it’ advice) and know your instincts about the txts not being ok are right.  You have been stalked and sexually harrassed."

The very fact that I (and hundreds of thousands of others) can read about it in the SMH tells me Lara has taken action.  She knows that she was right to be disgusted by Greg’s txts and won’t be tolerating anybody (not even her boss) telling her

"It’s nothing … this is all just so unbelievably ridiculous – a storm in tea cup."’

Three years before Lara was born the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 came into effect. 

Do I spot another crypto-feminist?    


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6 Responses to “Objectionable objectification or really, really crude”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    well I think she is not only media savvy but is fortunate that the media cares what she says. Not all of us are in such a powerful position to begin with.

  2. Suki Says:

    Granted Jennifer (and it doesn’t hurt that the crude txtr is famous too)!

    I’m sure many more people who have media pull could speak out and don’t. So what I was celebrating was her courage and her conviction that crude texts are not ok.

    In Lara’s world of modeling and selling dreams she may have risked the notion of the passive, available beauty for any future contracts.

    Alternative, unlikely, story board-
    ‘Beautiful Australian beach girl dressed in a bikini shouts “Bloody piss off out of Australia if you think I’m going to tolerate your really, really crude txt messages.’
    (with acknowledgement to- The Chasers War on everything)

  3. Jennifer Says:

    It’s interesting, and I guess she can be applauded. Personally, I have spent something like seven years trying to draw attention to acute social abuses within the system, but I am of a lower social class than she — and thus will hardly be applauded (no matter what I risk!)

  4. Iain Says:

    I don’t think the fellow in your missive has not been very nice pressing his suit when it was clearly not wanted but how is that “sex discrimination” ?

  5. Suki Says:

    Iain, Lara was being sexually harassed. It’s much more than the fellow ‘not being very nice’.

    I assume you are referring to the Sex Discrimination Act?- Perhaps the Long Title might help.
    An Act relating to discrimination on the ground of sex, marital status, pregnancy, potential pregnancy or family responsibilities or involving sexual harassment.

  6. weez Says:

    Suki, Iain “niceperson” Hall will not be joining us in future, not least of all because of his tendency to promote violence. I recall you having to warn him over at GrodsCorp

    “Hello Niceperson,
    Iíve just arrived home from work to find that you want to punch me on the nose. Do you always react with violence (actually or virtually)?
    I post about choice. I advocate for the greatest repertoire of options that a girl or woman can yum up. I do not have the right to direct traffic on any one elseís uteri but my own (and the ones inside the minors in my care). And thatís the deal.
    You would do well to spend your energy advocating for a family-friendly society.
    And as you are moving away from me – from my uterus and my nose – keep your hands where I can see them. -Suki.”

    Not this close to International Women’s day Iain “niceperson” Hall!

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