Innocent until declared guilty… by Morris Iemma
Thursday December 21st 2006, 6:38 am

Who's the comic?
Morrie and Stan: Separated at birth?

If the results of screwup after screwup in the NSW Labor government weren’t so tragic, they’d be high comedy.

Premya Yemma has for the second time in a scant few weeks discharged a NSW Labor MP who has been accused of improprieties, but not convicted of any offence.

Former NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopolous stands accused of child sex offences and Steven Chaytor, MP for Macquarie Fields, has been arrested and charged in a domestic violence case. Though neither has been tried or convicted, both have been sacked by Iemma.

How does this make Morrie any better than NSW Liberal leader Peter (who?) Debnam, who in the wake of the Cronulla riots, threatened to get ‘200 Lebanese thugs off the street’ by ‘arresting them and charging them with anything‘?

Why there’s so much disrespect for due process in the NSW Labor party is beyond me… but this much I’ll tell ya- it’s not a vote getter.


It’s all downhill from here
Friday December 08th 2006, 11:07 am

dawn over Sydney from our front verandah

mgk has been neglected for a few weeks due to moving house to the Blue Mountains area and the rigamarole of re-establishing network connectivity.

Location, location, location! The new house is at about 600m elevation and has a view of the Sydney skyline from the kitchen windows and front verandah, the Sydney Harbour Bridge smack on the horizon. The back gate opens on to fire trails in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Forest. If you can say you’d live in a tent on your home’s lot, you’ve probably chosen well. I’d live here under a pile of leaves, but the house is built like a bridge, brick piers and massive steel I-beams all set on a site blasted from sandstone bedrock… and has a natural gas kitchen Jamie Oliver would fall in lust with.