Vaccination saves lives- no thanks to Meryl Dorey
Thursday December 29th 2011, 2:45 pm

For far too long, professional misinformationists like Meryl Dorey have gotten free rein to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about vaccination through assorted lies and conspiracy theories. Couple that with Dorey being a plain old con artist who earns a crust selling magazines that never get delivered to people whose fears she’s validated and you really have to wonder why she is given airtime on the ABC and at public events like the Woodford Folk Festival.

Free rein no more. Dorey’s appearance at the Woodford Folk Festival, originally scheduled to be open-slather for Dorey’s shenanigans, will be moderated by a veteran of Doctors without Borders and her misinformation rebutted by an expert on immunovirology- oh, and right about now, festivalgoers will be be seeing an aerial banner being flown over the Woodford Folk Festival site.

Australia is experiencing a wave of vaccine preventable childhood disease, which has killed several infants like Dana McCaffery, because of nonsense from public health hazards like Dorey.

Failing to vaccinate your children is nothing short of child abuse, but comes with the special benefit of endangering others’ children as well.

Vaccination is safe and effective– and saves lives.