PPPs: Legalised robbery of the people of NSW
Monday December 10th 2007, 7:03 am

Iemma gives away the farm- AGAINWhen public assets are gifted to private operators, the actual clients change from the users of the asset to the shareholders.

Against the interests of the people of NSW, Premier Morris Iemma intends to give away Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy to private owners who will cut services, jobs and raise prices to benefit the small number of shareholders. The NSW government then takes the money from the sale of the asset, which rightfully belongs to the people of NSW, using the ill-gotten gains to bribe NSW voters in the next election… with their very own money. (more…)

Hands off Saint Phil
Wednesday December 05th 2007, 4:24 pm

Phil Koperberg, MP for the Blue MountainsWhile I’m generally annoyed with the NSW Labor right faction, resurgent shadowy accusations of my local MP, Phil Koperberg of being a violent man are way over the line. Blind Freddy could see the lame attempt at a political smear… in the dark… while wearing welding goggles.

I’m an editor and site administrator for the anti-racism group FightDemBack! As such, I’m a frequent target for political smears and defamations from the neo-nazis, racists and other bigots profiled by FDB. A popular smear, often distributed by leaflet in FDB members’ neighbourhoods, is that I or other FDB people are homosexuals, paedophiles, homosexual paedophiles, agents of Israel or perhaps Mossad. Begs the question that if FDB actually are Mossad agents, wouldn’t you think twice about messing with us? My mailbox has been smashed and our cars have been vandalised a few times. Not terribly creative. (more…)