Oops, you can go home now, Dr. Terrorist- but we’re not sorry
Friday July 27th 2007, 6:28 pm

image: The Sydney Morning HeraldIncompetent Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty and Immigration Minister Andrews have wrecked an innocent physician’s life- but are not in the least sorry- they’re not legally obligated to care.

Haneef is to be released due to the collapse of a totally fabricated case against him. So much for HoWARd’s Tampa, 2007 style.

Keelty and Andrews shouldn’t just be sacked- they should be sacked and deported. Ireland sounds like a good place for those two. They shouldn’t worry; Immigration will pony up a nice packet of cash for those it wrongly deports. Let’s hope there’s some fat compo waiting for Haneef for wrongful detention and defamation. (more…)

Bev Manton, Sun Goddess
Tuesday July 10th 2007, 8:35 am

Incoming NSWALC leader Bev Manton (image: smh.com.au)NSWALC leader Bev Manton said to The Sydney Morning Herald:

Please explain to the Australian people how an army of temporary volunteers is going to provide long-term solutions to the permanent shortfall of doctors, teachers and police in the NT.

Manton sees Noel Pearson’s acceptance of HoWARd’s draconian ‘intervention’ in the same way I do- Stockholm Syndrome, absolutely screaming.

“When I saw Noel Pearson’s extraordinary interview on Lateline last month I thought this man is drunk with power,” she said.

“I say to Noel Pearson: How dare you? How dare you run down Aboriginal people and their supporters for standing up to a botched last-minute rescue mission dreamt up by people with very questionable track records?

“Noel is not being the wise person that he has been known to be for many years.

“Like many Australians, I have held him in very high regard for a long time but he seems to have now shot himself in the foot.”

Ms Manton said she made her comments “mindful of the fact that the media loves nothing better than a black upon black verbal dust-up”.

How is it that HoWARd does nothing for 11 years about aboriginal health and welfare (other than dismantling ATSIC and replacing it with nothing) and when he does do something for aboriginal people, he gets it completely wrong? Bit of poll pressure there, Johnno? (more…)

Wednesday July 04th 2007, 2:37 pm

Justice is for just usIf there hasn’t been cause for impeaching King George and the Dickster, there sure as hell is now.

Not even the chief executive should be able to direct political assassins to compromise national security with impunity– and that’s what happened here, folks.

First trial for His Highness should be in Congress- then on to The Hague.